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CMS-XML Does logging into the Application Repository use a license?
Does logging into the Application Repository use a license ?
CMS-XML SQL to show all license counts as well as remaining licenses.
SQL to show all license counts as well as remaining licenses .
CMS-XML Problem: The Tracker dll's found in your system path are not licensed
Using Tracker 6.0, IIS 4.0 a user was able to bring up the Tracker Inet Sample page but not log into any project and received the error The Tracker dll's found in your system path are not licensed
CMS-XML If a Deployment Automation agent has an expired license, any process requests run against it have Success status
View the output log to see the true reason for the issue and renew the license as needed.
CMS-XML Error: All named licenses are in use
where "Dimensions_named" is the name of the named user license and where "JOE" and "MARY" are the names of the users. If this installation had only 1 named user license in the Serena.lic file then each time that Mary attempts to obtain a license key, the log file for the license manager will include an error similar to the following: 08:21:36 (merant) DENIED: "Dimensions_named" MARY@nodenotused (All named licenses are in use.)
CMS-XML How can I see a list of users who have logged in or not logged into Mariner in the last number of days? Is there a report that will show this?
This article will only work with Mariner 2008 R3 and later as this functionality didn't exist before that. When this report is run you can specify the number of days back you want to query for Mariner users who have and haven't logged into Mariner. This may be good for license management where you want to give someone else a license and take one away from a user who doesn't login to Mariner.
CMS-XML Get message "There are no more available seats for this license" when adding users to a license and screen shows some remaining.
Click the Add License link and navigate to the .pel file you were sent. This will set your license count to the correct number.
CMS-XML MVR: Error ''This server is not connected to the administration database encoded in the license key. You cannot open any projects unless the admin database host and the host encoded in the license key match exactly.''
After you have been supplied with a new license key. Log into Mover as admin/admin. Once in Mover, go to the System tab.
CMS-XML Deleting a contact from the SBM Administrator tool in the Contacts Auxiliary table you may get the following error in the UI and the contact doesn't get deleted. "An exception occurred while attempting to fetch a record count or a record integer value from the database"
Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'where'. If you open the Event Viewer on the Application Engine server and look in the Application Log you may see the following errors related to this situation. An error occurred while processing the last request.
CMS-XML SRC and SSM content licenses explained. SLA reports or SLA widget are not visible in the User Workspace.
SIGN="00C4 E1A9 7AE7 A778 2B2B D950 AFEA 0500 CCC3 5455 6DA8 \ 5774 FF85 0AC5 9689" There is a count with these licenses so when you purchase 100 SSM/SRC licenses then the license will have a count of 100.
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