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CMS-XML Version Manager HOST login source does not work on Linux when the OS is configured to use winbind or SSSD
If y If your Linux system is configured to use winbind for user authentication, querying your Windows Active Directory Server for user credentials and group membership , or if it is configured to use the System Security Services Daemon (SSSD), the Version Manager HOST login source may fail to return a username. When this happens, users may get errors like:
PDF Serena Collage Project Manager's Guide
general permissions 36 GIF files, assets 12 global project properties 74 granting access, about 14 graphic files, assets 12 group membership project 117 system group 43 groups Administration 36 associating with projects 60, 114 changing project members 117 collections of users 34 common permissions 34 creating 41 creating with LDAP 37 creation process 37 default system groups 36 defined 34 editing 41 exporting 44 importing 44 new system groups 41 organizing users 34 overriding permissions 34 permissions 34 project about 34 creating 116 project permissions 119 system about 34
CMS-XML MCLG: LDAP: Only want to see a few of the LDAP groups, not all of them
MCLG: LDAP : Only want to see a few of the LDAP groups , not all of them
CMS-XML When I look at the Mariner users & groups screen why do a see blank lines with no user names?
This is most often seen when using LDAP ( Active Directory ) and there are objects being returned from the ldap filter that don't have values filled in for the First Name and Last Name field for certain entries. A good example is if the ldap filter is (objectClass=user) then you will see users that might not have first or last name attributes filled in in LDAP like the IUSR_Computername account for instance. If you want values filled in edit the entries in the LDAP server and you can put values in.
CMS-XML LDAP Troubleshooting steps when you receive the Bind Authentication Error Message
Change the port in LDAP Setup & Tools to the Global Catalog Port: 3268 Create a new Admin account in LDAP (for testing purposes, call it TTAdmin). Add that account to the Domain Admin and Enterprise Admin groups
CMS-XML PVCS VM: You cannot access this project because the LDAP User DN or Password is incorrect, or the Server cannot be reached as specified.
Work with your IT group to uncover why the LDAP server cannot be reached. The debug output will show the name of the LDAP server as well. (Look for "hosts: YourHostName
HTML Serena® Collage® Version 5.1.3 Readme File
4.1 General Issues If you use LDAP to manage your users and groups , users must log into Collage at least once before they can successfully receive task notifications via email. Once they have logged into Collage the first time, using their LDAP usernames, their email addresses are registered in Collage and they will always receive their task notifications.
HTML Serena® Collage® Version 5.1.3 Release Notes
1.10 Security (DEF127219) SSL is not always used with LDAP, even when SSL is enabled. Functionality in the System | Users and Groups screen always connects to the LDAP server without using SSL.
PDF Introduction to Serena Collage
Project manager See "Project Management Tasks" on page 36 * Defines all of the users and groups for the Collage system or, optionally, sets them up from an LDAP server. * Assigns system-level permissions to the users and groups.
PDF Serena Collage Installation and Setup Guide
Once the LDAP settings are configured, you can later update them from the System | Users and Groups | LDAP Setup view. Simply click the Edit button from this view to modify settings.
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