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CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Release generates GPF
KM-Dim10: Release generates GPF
CMS-XML After upgrading the VM server to release 8.5.0, File Server clients using SSL randomly report "error:14094410:SSL routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:sslv3 alert handshake failure" Detail: SSL connect failed in tcp_connect()."
When Version Manager File Server clients connect to a VM File Server running release 8.5.0, and they communicate with that server via SSL (HTTPS on port 8443), those clients will randomly get errors of the type: File Server Status Error communicating with file server "https://ServerName
CMS-XML RLM 5.1: Creating a new application hangs or user gets error "The current user cannot create applications"
Also, this problem usually happens because the user does not have the correct Release Control permissions to create the application. Verify that roles have been assigned for each user/group to the correct Release Control projects. For this specific problem, the user will need the RLM Administrator, Product Owner, or Release Manager role in the Application Release project.
CMS-XML INT: RR: Rational Rose hangs when performing a Source Control operation
As of 11/29/01, Rational Technical Support has confirmed that this issue has been resolved as of release 2001A which is currently available on the Rational web site.
CMS-XML VM: CLI: Performing a command with the -v option causes the Command Line to hang.
a release of VM 6.5 or later. The LOCKR3 value has been corrupted.
CMS-XML CMN15 installation jobs hang or loop following upgrade to ZMF
PLEASE NOTE: This problem and the associated fix applies to ChangeMan ZMF only. The problem does not exist on other releases of ChangeMan ZMF and the fix module is incompatible with all other versions of the product. Do not apply this fix unless you are using ChangeMan ZMF
CMS-XML Problem: Tracker hangs during or after logging in.
will be addressed in a future release of Tracker.
CMS-XML What Version Manager releases support SSO authentication using an SSO server running on SBM 11.1?
/login Example: Failure to do so will result in browser showing the error:
CMS-XML Serena VM Web Application Server does not work correctly after upgrading from a pre- release to VM or later
To resolve this problem do the following: Stop the Serena VM Web Application Server.
CMS-XML DMCM: Pulse connection failure following manual upgrade to 14.x
After upgrading to Dimensions 14.x from a release prior to 14.1 using the manual DMDBA method, the PULSE user is normally created manually as indicated in the installation documentation, and this user subsequently has database objects created when the first connection is made to Pulse. However, if this is not happening and the objects in the Pulse schema are not created in the database, this indicates that the database.jdbcurl is not set correctly.
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