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CMS-XML Problem: Unable to Connect to SQL Server, Oracle, or SybaseThrough Tracker
... that the ' Connection Information' is ... ... Invalid attribute in connection string:SERVER ... If you do not have the correct ... client or you have not rebooted since installing ... ... (If you do not have this on ... If you do not have an entry ... to supply the connection information which is ... ... to specify the connection protocol. ( TCP \IPis the ... - Connection String = The ... Verify the connection information is valid ... If you cannot connect to the ... should verify the connection information you supplied ...
CMS-XML WebSocket console error, can't connect to Deployment Automation using proxy HTTP protocol
Use these to determine if you may need to configure your proxy server to resolve any WebSocket issues when connecting to Deployment Automation through a proxy server. Explicit Proxy Servers with Unencrypted WebSocket Connections
CMS-XML How to enable SBM to communicate via SSL with a SQL Server database
... Set the JDBC connection string correctly ... set the JDBC connection string to connect ... ... the Windows ODBC connection will automatically negotiate ... SSL therefore you do not need to update ... ... You have to accept the red error ... you test the connection ' no such db' ... ... name, it is not necessary to add ... ... \default\ deploy Change the connection -url value ... server if it doesn't already have these ... < connection -url> ... required</ connection -url> < connection -url>jdbc:jtds ... SBMDB;ssl=required</ connection -url>
PDF Serena Collage Project Manager's Guide
... in Collage that does not get deployed , or accept the default. * The integration is enabled, which allows users to set up a connection to Contribute. ... * Manage Deploy Assets ... Deploy Allows you to access the Deploy | Activities view, where you can manually execute a deploy or import operation. ... Manage Deploy Assets Allows you to access the Deploy | Setup view, where you can define deployment settings. View Assets Allows you to access the Content | Deploy Folders view, where you can view all assets in a project.
CMS-XML Deploy history shows error, “cannot open connection”, “user authentication failed”, “connection failed”.
NET45023002E Failed to apply changes to area xxxx for job xxxx Failed to execute Deploy job xxxx in area xxxx Also when running the AUTH command it fails.
CMS-XML action-driven deployment is not working after database connection name was changed
Dimensions components and schema installed based on DIM12 connection . For some reasons database connection name has been changed to new name. so all relevant configurations has been modified.
CMS-XML Deployment Locks Are Not Valid
This error can occur when the tool does not recognize the test database as a valid copy of the live database. Make sure to follow the instructions in the Administrator's Guide, which specifies that after placing the lock on the live database, the live database must be copied to a new database which will then be used as the test database. The deployment tool cannot be used on a database that has not been copied from a locked live database.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Replicator: Error: /, unknown service in TCP services file and DM_SERVICES_FILE symbol is not defined.
The TCP/IP service specified in the Dimensions networking utilities has not been recognized .
CMS-XML Dim: Oracle cannot connect: ORA-12537 TNS:connection closed
(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP )(HOST = = 1521))
CMS-XML MCLG: Deploy gives "General Exception Connection refused: connect completed" converting a Word document
document will not be valid. The return error message was : General
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