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CMS-XML SOO/SSM Category icons are placed on page using HTTP protocol when HTTPS is enabled
After setting up SSL on the Serena Orchestrated Ops (SOO) server, we get a message similar to the following when displaying the catalog: ?shell=srp#catalog: This page contains both secure and non-secure items Do you want to display the non-secure items?
CMS-XML VM 8.6.1/8.6.2: VM I-Net Web Client Add Workfiles and Check In operations fail with error HTTP 413 if files are past a certain size and HTTPS is used via IIS
Double-click Configuration Editor in the Management section.
CMS-XML SRA: CommandLine: SSO: Error downloading the configuration from the server at http://:8080/serena_ra/cli/application.wadl due to CircularRedirectException
Caused by: org.apache.commons.httpclient.CircularRedirectException: Circular redirect to ' https ://<servername>:8243/idp/login'
CMS-XML TRKINET: Error ''The page you are trying to view requires the use of ''https'' in the address...HTTP 403.4 - Forbidden: SSL required''
Note: If are using the Sample.htm page to access the Configure Project page, and I-Net login page, you will need to modify the code for these buttons. The buttons on the sample page are hard-coded to use http://<servername >. They will have to be manually changed to use https://<servername >.
CMS-XML Problem: Cannot access Admin-Server on Netscape Enterprise Server after installation of TRK I-Net (Fixed for Tracker 6.0)
Server Name with the appropriate values for your server: http ://ServerURL:AdminPort/ https -ServerName/bin/index For example:
CMS-XML Remove SBM from IIS -After upgrading Windows/IIS or installing patches, it is possible for corruption to occur in the applicationhost.config file. This corruption can cause 500 errors or connection reset errors when accessing a particular IIS virtual application.
Set your binding. If you have used both http and https in Configurator, start by leaving the Type to be http with your port number. Port 80 is the default.
CMS-XML Dim12: Build: BCB1901000E Error: SOAP FAULT: None"None". COR0004737E Dimensions Build Server authentication failed
In this case, Dimensions has been configured to use https instead of http . Looking at the dm.cfg of the Dimensions server, it has been discovered that the DM_WEB_URL was set as follow : DM_WEB_URL
CMS-XML When trying to promote a snapshot there are no SLA's to choose from.
Another good way to see that you may be having this problem is to look at the Environment in Application Repository. If the Runtime URL field for any of your environments is using http instead of https and you're setup to require SSL in IIS this will happen. The runtime URL field pulls its value from the AE server and unless you have port 80 disabled the runtime url will continue to try and use port 80.
CMS-XML VM 8.6.1+: VM I-Net Web Client going through Apache HTTPD on Linux/UNIX fails to find /vminet.html when using HTTPS
When the PVCS Version Manager Web Application server on Linux/UNIX is configured to use Apache HTTPD as the 3rd party web server, enabling SSL in Apache may result in the /vminet.html page only being accessible via HTTP . Accessing the same page using HTTPS results in a page not found error ( HTTP Error 404).
CMS-XML How does Version Manager locate a File Server / How to configure File Server access without using the Desktop Client GUI
Reading the File Server configuration is a two step process. ... = http ://HostNameOfFirstFileServer ... = http ://HostNameOfSecondFileServer ... = http ://HostnameOfThirdFileServer ... Although most configurations only define a single File Server in this list, you can define any number of them. ... pvcs.fileserver.0= http ://HostNameOfFirstFileServer:8080/merantfs/FileServer ... To configure the File Server on a headless system you can edit the .islvrc ... https ://HostNameOfFileServer
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