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CMS-XML MCLG: Unix: Post-Deployment Clean-up of Removed Files May Fail during incremental deploy.
MCLG: Unix: Post-Deployment Clean -up of Removed Files May Fail during incremental deploy.
MS-WORD FS_Demo_Delete.doc
When receiving error upon installing the FS (Flight Simulation) Demo the best thing to do is start over again with a clean slate. In order to accomplish this you need to remove any references that may have been setup by running some of the script.
CMS-XML SRA: Rollback configuration - How to remove files as part of rollback
In situations where a failure in a process triggers a rollback process and if the deployment area contains files that are not part of the snapshot being used for the rollback, how can we clean up and/or remove the files that do not belong to the snapshot being used for the rollback?
CMS-XML General maintenance for slow deploys or hanging deploys or take longer than usual in the initializing stage.
The following items can be used for general clean up and troubleshooting of deploys hanging or not starting. After using Collage for a while more and more deploy activity is stored in the administration database with not a real automatic way of cleaning it up. Over time you may see deploys hanging, not starting or generally taking a long time in the initializing stage.
CMS-XML Error codes have been hidden for user messages from SBM 10.1
Starting with Serena Business Manager 10.1, the error messages have been enhanced to remove the error codes. This creates a much cleaner user message. The error codes are no longer displayed to the user in the User Workspace.
CMS-XML What is meaning of error "Cannot run this process using a version which has been archived"
DA may be configured to automatically clean out certain older component versions. See Knowledgebase solutions S141095 and D21279 for details on configuring the cleanup. Once a component version has been removed (archived) from the DA server, it cannot be used in a process request.
CMS-XML Dim14: Rollback: NCL4501420E Error: Unable to remove directory "/dir1/dir2/utils" because it is not empty.
When attempting to rollback an area with a ‘ clean ’ or ‘remove files on deploy’, the following errors are being generated: NCL4501420E Error: Unable to remove directory "/dir1/dir2/utils" because it is not empty. COR4501383E Error: DIMSERVER::/dir1/dir2/utils: I/O error
CMS-XML Problem: Tracker hangs when logging in.
to pvcstrk.old and restart Tracker. This will create a new, clean ini file. The other method is to write a batch file to delete the existing pvcstrk.ini
CMS-XML HPS0062I SSM Recovery environment
New recovery processing was added for SSM 8.4. Message HPS0062I is issued from any SSM program that initializes the recovery environment. If SSM ends abnormally, the recovery environment will attempt to clean up the SSM program storage, open files, etc.
CMS-XML Dim12: dmemail crashes with error "EML001111E auto: shutdown request, file: /tmp/dmemail_nnnnnn.dat no longer exists"
On UNIX by default DMEMAIL process will write temporary files into /tmp folder. If these files are deleted by a clean -up process while DMEMAIL is running, it will close or crash.
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