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CMS-XML KM-Dim8: Edit Change Document Description 10004 SUBSTITUTE syntax error in line 2763 of substitution comand file /tmp/pt0b46cf.tmp
Error received while trying to add a change doc action description: Edit Change Document Description 10004 SUBSTITUTE syntax error in line 2763 of substitution comand file /tmp/pt0b46cf.tmp
CMS-XML Dim12: When attempting to action a Request or an item, errors can occur.
The above can occur if the DM_LOG symbol is set to Y in the dm.cfg file. Commenting out this line and restarting the Serena Dimensions Listener service/process will remove the messages.
CMS-XML Problem: : adding a \ or a \\ to the end of a line to denote a comment (for Keyword Expansion)
" Actions | Change Attributes" dialog. The syntax \ \r\n
failed in source file src\folderdc.c, line 109
CMS-XML Error on deploy: The endpoint reference (EPR) for the Operation not found is /mashupmgr/services/sbmimportcallback72 and the WSA Action = null or Invoking import callback failed: End of file or no input: The handle is invalid.
Tomcat: C:\Program Files\Serena\SBM\Common\Tomcat 7.0\server\default\webapps\mashupmgr\WEB-INF\mashupmgr.cfg Edit the file and uncomment the line starting with callback.web.context and ensure its value is set to the appropriate server hosting the "Application Admiinstrator/Mashup Manager/Application Repository".
CMS-XML Java error occurring when running any WLS action
b. Add the following line to the file: - c. Restart the Nolio agent service to activate the new settings
CMS-XML Dim: COR0005355E Error: You are not allowed to action this Item as it is currently locked
The above error can occur when the item exists in multiple projects/streams and one of the project/stream are locked. The items will not be actionable or updateable from another project/stream unless the user has the role of PRODUCT-MANAGER for the item's product. For further details, see the Command- line Reference Guide and the command of LCK.
CMS-XML Error: "The Access Control Database Is Corrupted" or "Cannot perform action on archive"
To fix this you simply need to edit the access db at the command line :
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: 1260-CHDOC ch_doc_id> action description is being edited by user id>
You must cancel the edit as the user who performed the original operation (the name of the user appears in the original error message) or as the Change Manager otherwise this operation will not work. For further information on the UC command please refer to the Command- Line Reference Guide on the Documentation CD.
CMS-XML SRA 3.3 : error when excuting an sql script with the action "Execute SQL Query on SQL Server",
From the logs the SQLserver returns an error of an improper use near a ")" which may be too much white space or some other scripting error. 2) Another solution is to simply use the "run command line " action with SQLCMD and run the script that way. In the latest version of Nolio, V4.5, the old action has been replaced and a new one has been created : “run SQL script file” action.
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