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CMS-XML KM-Dim7: DI error: delete failed for file: <path>
If you have libraries on multiple servers, log onto the one which should host the library for the item which you are trying to delete. The error message should indicate which host should contain this item. If there are doubts, consult the Process Modeler and look up the library definition for the product / item type in question.
CMS-XML Error: #1007 Received signal #11 (SIGSEGV) - Cannot product core file - UNIX segment error
SOLUTION: The build target directory was .../BIN and had a file called BIN
PDF Database Administrator’s Guide
Dimensions uses a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) database to control all information relevant to the various aspects of product development. Product items and their various revisions, however, are not stored within the database; they are stored as files resident in operating-system directories .
PDF Serena Collage Project Manager's Guide
Department Folder type: Can store contribution folders Autocreates a Products contribution folder Details Folder type: Can store Product Page contribution documents, and image files Autocreates 1 Product Page contribution document Products
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Pdiff dump of change docs, get error: Unable to retrieve object data, Unable to dump chdoc relationships, Dump failed for object UID
Connected to database successfully Generating PDIFF file CR5.dump for Product PAYROLL Dumping POID for PAYROLL_CR_5...
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Error MDHCLN0005298E product merging item content when using the Project Merge tool
C) Target: <same as ancestor> When you have a file that has changed locally and you double click to merge, you get the error: "MDHCLN0005298E: Error: if item spec not supplied, a base workfile is expected "
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Error - 2261 - You do not have a role to create this item or workset directory.
Change the permissions on the workset SWSP < product ID> 0 = Normal (default) Dimensions workset rules.
CMS-XML 12.2.x / deploy item in a deploy area shared by several projects/streams => "VDA3201201E Unable to update ... : The path is owned by a different scope" error
According to Product Management, deployment areas should never be shared among different projects / streams. Sharing can cause major issues if, for example, deployed files / folders are moved / renamed in one of the branch projects. Hence resolution to this problem was to provide an error message, which is what you're currently seeing.
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Why can't I see other product related Items in my default work set?
baseline files in your current workset. Creating a usage relationship between design parts does not automatically
CMS-XML Dim cm 14.3.x : running upgradebln141 on AIX server => VRS0500004E File version sequence mismatch between base and updated revision information
After fixing the error of article S141978 then the upgradebln141 of the same baseline fails with this error now : PROD > upgradebln141 " PROD :BL_BDD_INT_VSI16-2.0616_V1" Upgrading baseline "PROD:BL_BDD_INT_VSI16-2.0616_V1"
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