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CMS-XML Problem: Top PVCS VM and CB User Problems, Causes, and Solution
Verify that the user does indeed have correct network rights to the archives. Wait awhile- it could be anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes, depending on network traffic and the speed of the backup device. Once the backup software has backed up the archives it will release the lock on them.
CMS-XML VM command line with wild cards don't see archives without the 'archive' bit set in the properties.
Using get *.??v from the command line with VM 6.7 on W2K where the archives are backed up every night and the backup process removes the ' archive ' bit on the archive file will not work. Before beginning the command line VM processes the files have to be 'touched' (thereby turning the archive bit on) for the commands to find the files.
CMS-XML VM: Error: pvcs.exception.PvcsSecurityException: No Access
There have been occurences where virus checkers inadvertently removed ACDB files. Should that happen, restore your ACDB file from backup .
CMS-XML How to configure Version Manager to not split archives by default on newly created project databases
Make a backup copy of the defaultfs.cfg file
CMS-XML VM I-Net Web Client users running Diff/Merge get Property: COMMAND_TEMPLATE, not found in class: pvcs.http.AppletParameters
and that there are no trailing spaces If the file is missing, or if you would like to replace it with a known good copy, replacement copies can be found in KB doc S143440 . If customizations had been applied to this file they will need to be reapplied, or the old file needs to be retrieved from a backup .
CMS-XML VM error messages shown when the revision library for a split archive is missing a particular revision
This issue can only be resolved by restoring the meta-data archive and the revision library directory for this archive from backup .
CMS-XML Problem: 62573 Projects do not appear under PROJECT\OPEN PROJECT upon opening PVCS Version Manager
Save the file as PVCSPROJ.PUB and copy it to the PROJECT ROOT DIRECTORY and restart Version Manager and all projects should appear as normal. 2.) Restore the file from backup . For further information on these files and their contents see 62104 Internal File Structure PVCSPROJ.PUB and 62055 GUI Projects And the Text Files That Make Them Up.
CMS-XML When opening PDB, GUI gives "java.lang.NullPointerException at$UserIdTreeBranch.access...."
Retrieve your ACD file from backup , as there is a very realistic chance that a number (or all) of the users are "lost". Here is an excerpt from the VM release notes ( or later) that describes the issue and the fix that has been put in place as of VM to prevent it from happening again: Double-Clicking the Create or Duplicate User Buttons Prevents Login to the Project Database [1039798]
CMS-XML VM: VSS2PVCS:When converting Microsft Visual Source Safe files/projects created using a non-English version of VSS, errors will be encountered and the conversion will fail.
This solution is to be used in conjunction with the instructions on converting a VSS database as described in the online manuals and further KnowledgeBase documents. In order to setup a PC for successful conversion you will need to back-up (rename it) your file found under: Drive:\....vm_install_dir\vm\win32\bin
CMS-XML Problem: VMINET 6.1: Invalid characters in archives cause browser errors
- Version Manager executables in your PATH The command will create a backup file of the same name with '_bak' appended to the extension. The source of the program may be obtained by applying to the PVCS Answerline.
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