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CMS-XML Mass Updates appears to work but fails to update item
Mass Updates appears to work but fails to update item
CMS-XML Removing "null" related errors from a Project Database introduced by using Java 6 Update 10 (or newer) with a VM I-Net web client that did not support it
>. Also, when trying to perform recursive Project Database-wide operations like a mass Get, you may get errors message stating: Action was not performed because there were no items to process.
CMS-XML RLC: After upgrading to version 6.2, existing release trains are locked by default
It is recommended that you set this to No for all trains through mass update , then go back and manually set any to Yes as needed.
XML SLS_export_en_US_SWC.xml
en_US Cancel Mass Update
CMS-XML RLC: After upgrade, release packages that were left in one of several states require additional post-upgrade transitions
For details on using mass update to run this transition on all release packages in a report, see SBM Work Center Help topic " Using the Mass Update Feature ".
CMS-XML TeamTrack 6.6.1 - New Error Messages
Cause: If one tries click on the "Edit a report" and are not in the main TeamTrack browser window. Mass Update Error Message ---------------------------------------------
PDF TeamTrack Database Schema
TS_TYPE int 71005 Enumerated type for each type of permission action implemented for Roles. This should include at a minimum: Create, View, Update , Transition, Delete, Own, Restore, Mass Update , Link, Unlink, Manage, Run, and Set Unrestricted Status.
CMS-XML Problem: #1139 Tracker 3.x hangs when attempting to add/modify/delete
This problem has been releated to a problem encountered when using Windows NT with the Novell 3.5B requestors. The Novell 3.5B requestors dated before 1/25/96 experienced a problem when updating files on Novell volumes .
CMS-XML Behaviour of aging parameter 0 documented incorrectly
In order to document the changes made to the package master data and staging library aging criteria in CMN ZMF 5.6 we updated the Administrator's Guide in several locations to state the following in relation to a value of '0': ... DEFAULT VOLUME SERIAL ===>
CMS-XML SERLCSEC assembly errors in ZMF 8.2
... when assembling the updated SERLCSEC source code ... ... SETC) on volume : S13 ... ... SETC) on volume : S13 ... ... SETC) on volume : S13 ... ** ASMA435I Record 36 in CMNSUP.INTL.SER820.ASMCPY(SER$SETC) on volume : S13C7A ... ** ASMA435I Record 37 in CMNSUP.INTL.SER820.ASMCPY(SER$SETC) on volume : S13C7A
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