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CMS-XML Dim12.x: upgradedeploy => PRG4200001E Error: Not an authorised Dimensions user. ACL4500326E Error: User authentication failed
The reason of this error is that the user is not logged to the server with a userid registered as valid Dimensions CM administrator. The installation guide specifies this : - Login as a valid Dimensions CM administrator and setup the Dimensions environment. - Invoke DMDBA against either the SYSTEM (on Oracle) or PCMS_SYS (MSSQL) databases: ... dmdba pcms_sys @dim10 (MSSQL)
CMS-XML During Dimensions upgrade get error like "The operation failed because an index or statistics with name already exists..."
... a Dimensions CM installation with MS SQL ... ... owned by the user whose login name is the ... ... by a different user . Beginning with MS SQL Server 2005, it is possible for a table or other object within a schema to be owned by a user that is not the owner of the schema. ... ALTER Authorization on PCMS_SYS.ADMSYS_BASEDBS TO pcms_sys ... [Repeat the above for each of the tables in the PCMS_SYS schema] ... ' PCMS_SYS '
CMS-XML 10.x / 2009Rx / 12.x : PRG4500325E Error: User authentication failed - LDAP port not configured
With a Dimensions server installed on unix, when trying to login to Dimensions with LDAP, got this error : PRG4500325E Error: User authentication failed - LDAP port not configured
CMS-XML DimCM12: LDAP: User attempted to login to Dimensions - OS user check (FAILED)
The above error can occur when the Linux Server is not been set up with PAM authentication. For more information on setting up PAM, please refer to the section entitled Dimensions CM Support for PAM
CMS-XML TRK: User gets ERR: [microsoft] [ODBC SQL drivers] [SQLserver] Login failed when the 11th user logs on to the Tracker GUI.
The maximum simultaneous user count of 10 licences for the 'standard edition' server has been exceeded. Additional licences should be obtained and installed or you should upgrade to a full version.
CMS-XML TRK: Database information is not complete. Error: SQL State=28000 [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Login failed for user 'sa'.
Then, log on to each project that is available from the web and click on ' configure ' (without changing any of the configuration options). Stop and restart the www publishing service. After this, Tracker I-Net users should be able to log on without problem.
CMS-XML RA 3.3.2: Command line install error: Could not login as provided Nolio user
The command line must be run with the parameters in a specific order. Any variation of the order will fail .
CMS-XML Dim12: Failed to connect to the Dimensions server. ACL4502922E Error: Cannot open connection to host HOSTNAME Logon failed for user dmsys and domain . (1326: Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.)
To fix the above, you will need to know both the old and new password for dmsys. Once this is known, you are ready to proceed:
CMS-XML Version Manager HOST login source does not work on Linux when the OS is configured to use winbind or SSSD
If y If your Linux system is configured to use winbind for user authentication, querying your Windows Active Directory Server for user credentials and group membership, or if it is configured to use the System Security Services Daemon (SSSD), the Version Manager HOST login source may fail to return a username. When this happens, users may get errors like:
CMS-XML Eclipse RIDE and Visual Studio RIDE clients can no longer login via Server-Side processing after the 8.5.2 or 8.5.3 patch was installed on a VM 8.5.0 server.
If a Serena VM Web Application Server that used to run VM 8.5.0 has been upgraded to VM 8.5.2 or 8.5.3 by applying the corresponding patches, Eclipse RIDE or Visual Studio RIDE clients may fail to login the user if Server-Side Processing has been enabled, showing an Unable to authenticate user Username error instead. If this happens, check the file VM_Install_Dir
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