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CMS-XML Dim12: Upgrade: SQL Server: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "ws_ide_projects_fk3". The conflict occurred in database "Dimensions", table "CM_TYPCIAL.WS_CATALOGUE", column 'obj_uid'.
delete from <basedatabase>.ws_ide_info where ide_dm_uid = <value returned in the query from Step 2>; 4. When done, rerun Step 2 until no rows are returned. 5. When complete with the above steps, rerun the upgrade command.
CMS-XML Dim cm 14.4 with Postgres database : crdb with Oracle export file fails with this error : insert or update on table "cm_promote_history" violates foreign key constraint "ch_promote_history_k2"
... Oracle database the constraint ch_promote ... ... not contain a statement to disable the ... ... add the missing constraint to the Oracle ... ... _history drop constraint ch_promote ... ... _history add constraint ch_promote ... _uid) references ws_catalogue ... uid) on delete cascade; ... objectexists(" constraint ", & ... echo Dropping constraint "CH_ ... ... _HISTORY drop constraint CH_PROMOTE ... if objectexists(" constraint ", &constraintName) ... echo Dropping constraint "CH_PROMOTE_HISTORY_K2 ... alter table &SCHEMA..CM_PROMOTE_HISTORY drop constraint CH_PROMOTE_HISTORY_K2
HTML Serena® Collage® Version 5.1.3 Release Notes
2.8 Deployment ... set to If referenced ... that includes a reference to a file ... ... 90966: After deleting assets that had ... ... messages about the deleted assets still appear ... ... an asset that references an assets that has been permanently deleted from Collage, ... ... of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_ ... ... SQLServer]The statement has been terminated ... ... Website may be deleted and only the ... DEF102027: Folder and Asset deployments do not remove expired or deleted assets. ... DEF77233: Large FTP file operations do not fail when the timeout limit is reached. ... The options instead always defaults to Selected files, no references
PDF Database Administrator’s Guide
The <basedb>_USER role is granted limited privileges on base tables, comprising delete , insert, select and update privileges, but excluding alter, index and references privileges. Hence users with this role may examine and modify table data, but they cannot modify any table definitions. This role is also granted select privilege on all the Dimensions views (both in-built views and those provided for reporting such as the Dimensions Published Views).
CMS-XML Problem: #1189 Defect in MS SQL Server 6.0 Results in Tracker Limitations
Defect in MS SQL Server 6.0 Results in Tracker Limitations ... A defect in MS SQL Server 6.0 causes SQL Select statements that contain IN clauses which reference more than 15 items to always ... This MS SQL Server 6.0 limitation ... For additional information on this MS SQL Server 6.0 limitation ,
CMS-XML Dim9: Duplicate Username ORA-00001: unique constraint (XXXXX:USERS_PROFILE_K) violated)
To check to see how many username duplicates there are, run the following sql statements : ... Then after making a backup of the database or a backup of the table - the row can be deleted . delete from users_profile where user_uid = <the userid of one of the rows from the above query you want to delete >;
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: SQL Solution: ora-00001 constraint error on sec_cm_attr_upd_hist1 trying to move change docs to secondary catalogue
To resolve the error user needs to make sure a current valid backup of the basedb exists, then logon to SQL*Plus as basedb and run the following statement : delete FROM cm_history
CMS-XML Dim9: When defining a new product get error: ORA-00001:unique constraint(INTERMEDIATE.CPL_RELS_PK) violated
the case I had, the cpl_catalogue row with the lower obj_uid was the one that was "extra" and was not referenced ... SQL> delete from cpl_catalogue cc
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Action or Delete Baseline Error 2241
Action or Delete Baseline Error 2241 ... this column is referenced in queries used to action and delete baselines and the ... ... the following SQL statements . ... enter the describe statement below. ... use the alter statement (below) ... ... in the describe statement below is not ... If the results from the describe statement include a column named sender_id then your database schema is correct and you may skip the remainder of these instructions. To create the sender_id field enter the statement below. ... You can then enter the describe statement to confirm the addition of the sender_id field.
CMS-XML Error: #440 PB 4.0: PVCSQueryConfiguration / Unexpected error #107
1) Delete any references to the VCSCFG environment variable in the AUTOEXEC.BAT that my have been utilized in PB 3.0x or command line. ... Check the LIBPATH statement in the users AUTOEXEC.BAT to see what PowerBuilder is picking up.
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