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CMS-XML After upgrading to PPM 2009 R1, task plan takes a long time to load and asks if I want to save changes, even if no changes were made
Also, the user will need to go back to this task plan because it will remain checked out to them. To check in the task plan, the user must select the File menu and click Publish. If the user selected No to save the changes the migration still happens and the task plan will just stay checked out to them until they go back and Publish the plan. After the one time migration is done, the users should not be prompted to save changes unless they actually change the task plan.
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Record Length Larger then files Max length detected. 81034-Error: Unable to retrieve library file
After upgrading and running the PBA command the user gets error:
CMS-XML VM 6.5: PUT: line-length of change description.
The instruction at "0x10079f00" referenced memory at "0x0cc483d8". User receives the following error when adding a Change Description with PUT command . The instruction at "0x10079f00" referenced memory at "0x0cc483d8".
CMS-XML Problem: Builder echoes commands, but doesn't execute them
This is caused by a problem with ISLVRC.COM and Windows 95 COMMAND.COM. It only occurs when Configuration Builder, or an application being called by Builder has been installed in a directory whose path contains one or more directories with long filenames (i.e., if the directory contain more than 8 characters in the name, more than 3 characters in the extension, or any spaces).
CMS-XML 10.1.3.x : z/os batch client => DIMM0001W: Command Exceeds Maximum Length. Command Ignored.
The max length of the zOS command line in 10.1.3 is 500 chars. On windows it's upwards of 14k. This has been changed from the 2009R2 so the batch client supports 14k as well.
CMS-XML Dim12: During dmdba upgrade get ORA-01450: maximum key length exceeded
After the database is created, import the data and rerun the dmdba upgrade command with the force option. dmdba system/<password>@<oracle-sid> upgrade <basedb> /force
CMS-XML Dim12: When doing a GET of a source file to a pds, an error occurs of Get Item - MDHFSY0004583E target record length too small (124)->(80)
This error occurs because the item has been created from a member of a pds defined with parameter "record length" (LRECL) set to 124 and in the FI command the target pds is defined with a record length of 80. Then as Dimensions has recorded that the item has been created from a pds with LRECL=124 then Dimensions expects that the target pds of the FI command has the same value for LRECL.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Desktop Client, save design part structure to HTML file gives error: 1019-DBIO: Database I/O error occured: SQL-0436-427(019EE490) ORA-00921: unexpected end of SQL command
In Dimensions 10, we use the same query and this does work, allowing much longer queries to be utilized without truncation.
CMS-XML Dim10: Error SQL-1408(1105daef0) ORA-01408: such column list already indexed occurs running the upgrade command
-- Preparing to upgrade QLARIUS_CM to 10.1.2.. -- (Note: This particular stage of the upgrade will take 2+ minutes) -- Upgrading QLARIUS_CM (schema tables)...
CMS-XML DimCM: DMDBA: ACL4500285E Error: Connect failed to SERVERNAME (110) when running the upgradedeploy command in DMDBA
-- Scanning the contents of the remote area. This may take a while...
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