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PDF Serena Collage Project Manager's Guide
Purpose Lock a project to log all current users out of the project, and prevent any users from logging back into it. This is useful if you need to perform some sort of maintenance that may affect the project (such as updating system users or permissions, or copying it) and want to prevent any further change from occurring until the project is updated. You can then unlock the project when you decide that it is okay for users to log back into it.
CMS-XML Dim12: SBM2DM: Clicking Sync Projects Button gives error: No Dimensions Projects to be Synchronized
They may be separated by 32 vs 64 bit components and thus in the "Program Files" directory structure and also in the "Program Files (x86)". We do not typically separate by client vs. server. This problem seems to have been some sort of pathing or searchlist problem in locating the xml file used to configure the links.
PDF TeamTrack Database Schema
Values for TS_PROJECTOPTIONS: (This is a bit mask field) TS_RPTPROJ_INCLUDESUBPROJECTS 0x0001 Include subprojects (only primary item reports) TS_RPTPROJ_NOSORTBYPROJECTS 0x0002 Do not sort by project (only primary item reports) Values for TS_DISPLAYOPTIONS: (This is a bit mask field)
PDF Serena Collage Installation and Setup Guide
Language Specific Sorting Collage sorts content based on the collation language that is specified when a project is created, including Spanish, German, Japanese, French, Italian, English, Portuguese, Danish, and more. Entering Asian Characters
PDF Introduction to Serena Collage
Use the Project | Asset Type Setup sub-view to set up MIME types, asset types, and metadata fields for the asset types. You can add MIME types to the project , create and edit asset types to better categorize the content in the project , and create metadata fields which can be used to store business-specific data about assets.
HTML Report Builder Dialog Box
Report Builder Dialog Box button performs the ... This button performs the same function as the ... Sorting Sorting ... Sorted by/ ... Select a desired attribute type in the Sorted by ... lists as you require to refine your sorting criteria. ... if you wish the sorting to be in ascending order. ... if you wish the sorting to be in descending order. ... Project
CMS-XML KM-Dim6: Error: file'' contains binary data; format pbtext is text. Use IDE Setup application to declare srd files as format PBBINARY.
Previously, all PowerBuilder data was classified as TEXT. ... Consequently the Dimensions 6.0 IDE Setup adds an entry to the default project rules for PowerBuilder which explicitly declares this file type as BINARY.
HTML Serena® Collage® Version 5.1.3 Release Notes
1.4 Content Contribution (ENH112626) When inserting an external link in a contribution document, it should be possible to sort on link name and description. ... option appropriately, when setting options for document types from the Project | Contribution Setup view.
CMS-XML Dim: AdminConsole: Error AUR: A user has already been assigned as primary to role DEVELOPER, design-part QLARIUS, variant A, and Project NULL
Background info: When performing Dimensions Role assignments, the Primary and Leader role capabilities are limited to one user or group per role per design part. This restriction is true for either a Real or Delegation Candidate type.
CMS-XML User Error: #200 Cannot perform update actions, because the project is locked
...Select the project and unlock to release the lock path(workfile).. Choose okay to continue or cancel to exit
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