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CMS-XML Error: Attempt to locate entry in Sysdatabases for database by name failed - no entry found under that name. Make sure that name is entered properly.
Query the trkprj in the trkmaster db, make sure this project db name (prjDbName) is exactly same as in sysdatabases. In Control Panel | ODBC, check User DSN (and System DSN if running INET), make sure Tracker SQL Server ODBC driver configuration does not contain any entries for Server and Database. This should fix the error.
CMS-XML Get the following error in the browser when opening or submitting an item. "The item could not be found."
Open the ODBC datasource screen in Windows which is usually in the Administrative Tools area Go to the System DSN tab and just verify that your new ODBC connection is using the driver called "ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server" If it's not using that driver you can manually create one on that screen and select the driver then open configurator and point to the new ODBC Connection.
CMS-XML Get "InitExtension Failed Some TS_LASTIDS table entries conflict with TS_ID values in other tables" when logging into SBM
InitExtension Failed: The data source ' DSN =SBM; UID =sa' could not be verified . Error Opening Database
CMS-XML InitExtension - Error Opening Database while logging on the SBM User WorkSpace.
InitExtension Failed: The data source ' DSN =Mashup2009; UID =sa' could not be verified . Error Opening Database.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Dimensions 8 & 9 dmpool ... password not set for database basedb@dsn is being logged in a windows event viewer
Run DMPASSWD command - check the basedb default in the listener.dat and add the password to the registry.dat
CMS-XML TRK INET: When Logging into the Tracker Inet Configuration Page, the list that usually shows the Database Types gives a list of Database Drivers and 'not available' DSN Descriptions.
Verify that the IUSR_{machineName} has full access to these registry keys. You can do this by the following:
CMS-XML Tracker 7.5.00 with Sybase 12.5 - Tracker Admin will shut down unexpectedly if invalid information is entered in the DBMS User or Administrator field, and the Verify User or Verify Admin button is clicked.
The Test Connect feature in the ODBC driver may be used to verify valid user information. To access the Test Connect feature, open the ODBC or Data Sources control panel, double-click on the Sybase driver in the User or System DSN tab, and click Test Connect.
CMS-XML Utility to test ODBC query speed for SBM.
From Control Panel > Administrative tools, open Data Sources (ODBC) On the System DSN tab, select SBM_AE (for current versions), and click on Configure. On the Failover tab, change Connection Retry Count to be 0.
CMS-XML TRK: Tracker Inet Configurator gives 'Failed on connection string' message after selecting ODBC driver and entering database ID and password
2. Make sure the System DSN settings for the ODBC drivers were created on the web server for that client as well as the User DSNs . (Inet must use the System DSN ODBC drivers.)
CMS-XML Some Dim Clients give error "Failed to start Dimensions server process"
file (located in \Dimensions\CM\dfs\listener.dat). Verify the service, user, and dsn values. When the user logs into the Dim client, the client must be using the same connection information as found in the listener.dat.
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