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CMS-XML Installing ZMF4ECL in batch or via script
Installing ZMF 4ECL in batch or via script
CMS-XML ‘Invalid command.’ error issued in ZMF install FTP script
‘Invalid command.’ error issued in ZMF install FTP script
CMS-XML Installing a Secure Version of the ChangeMan ZMF REST API-Jenkins Integration
ZMF REST Services Getting Started Guide, all secure communication functionality (i.e. SSL) associated with this processing on z/OS must be implemented using IBM's Application Transparent Transport Layer Security (AT-TLS). Some customers may have found and implemented other solutions that address their specific needs (e.g. the implementation of native Apache Tomcat SSL connectors). However, if problems are encountered
CMS-XML RLC: For one application, one installation site is missing when using the ZMF Plugin
In ZMF , there may be several installation sites setup for a specific Application. However, only some of the those sites are available as options in Release Control.
CMS-XML How to setup an integration between ChangeMan ZMF and SBM
STEP 1: License key To enable the ZMF functionality, you must have the correct license key installed on ZMF . ZMF started task must have RLM=YES in the parmlib
CMS-XML Installing ECP 3.2.1 Maintenance Release 2 Under Windows 2003
* Corrected a problem that allowed ChangeMan DS packages to be prematurely approved, installed, and baselined prior to all approvals being issued for ChangeMan ZMF packages. Formerly, the only workaround was to schedule an install date for ChangeMan DS packages that was later than the install date for ChangeMan ZMF packages.
CMS-XML Serena Changeman Builder 6.41.1 Documentation included from the Serena PVCS Version Manager Installation
The Serena PVCS Version Manager documentation 8.1.4.x includes two documents not provided with the Serena Changeman Builder 6.41.1 that are of great value to Builder users. These documents are: Changeman Builder Readme
CMS-XML Installing Base Product Web Services (zmfws.war) in International Environments
This article applies to all users of ChangeMan ZMF Web Services running version and later. Customers installing the base product web services distributed in the zmfws.war
CMS-XML Defects resolved in ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse (ZMF4ECL) 8.2 Patch 5
ZMF4ECL: REVERT cannot be performed if only a P site is selected to install to. OCTCR46A55005
CMS-XML XMLSERV install procedures confusing for customers
Fixed in ZMF 5.3.2
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