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CMS-XML Sample COPYBOOK and data for COPYBOOK and COPYLIB Parser
Sample COPYBOOK and data for COPYBOOK and COPYLIB Parser
CMS-XML XML copybook XMLCCHIS differs to what is in documentation.
XML copybook XMLCCHIS differs to what is in documentation.
MS-WORD ENH273983 how to optimize Cobol XML.docx
SERXMLCC is a general purpose program designed to send and receive XML requests and parse the results into a finite COBOL data structure. Each XML service is shipped as a COBOL copybook . Note that the copybooks, as shipped, define all service combinations and all possible input and output XML.
CMS-XML Single Segment Interface (SSI) Feature for IMS Option
field. Insert, update, and delete functions are provided, and copybook data entry is fully supported.
CMS-XML Impact Analysis Operation in ZMF 6.1 and higher
In order to try to maximise performance of the i/a extract at ZMF 6.1 we make use of pmast information for baselined components. In the case of source code and copybooks this means using ISIC records. In the case of load modules this means using ILIC records.
CMS-XML Manage CICS System Definitions (CSD) using ChangeMan ZMF
With this new feature, you are able to extract the contents of the CSD into a ZMF package component, change the component, and deliver the change to CICS during appropriate steps in the ZMF lifecycle. Changes to programs, maps, copybooks , pipelines, transactions and web service definitions can now belong to the same ZMF package and be deployed automically.
CMS-XML Problems using extended operation packagecompdep in restclient.jar
C:\Users\snevin>java -jar "D:\restclient\restclient.jar" "RESTHOST=http://ZmfTomcatLpar:port/zmfrest,RESTFUNCTION=packagecompdep,USERID=ZMFUSER,PW=ZMFPASS,PACKAGE=DEMO004208,OUTPUTFOLDER=C:\,COMPONENT=SNCOBX,LIBTYPE=SRC" a) Incorrect version of copybooks downloaded
PDF Microsoft Word - IMS SSI for StarTool FDM 753 Insert Patch.doc
Contents • Navigate IMS Segments in Single-Segment Access Mode • Update an Existing IMS Segment • Delete an Existing IMS Segment • Insert a New IMS Segment • Using PEDIT Copybook Support in Single-Segment Access Mode Navigate IMS Segments in Single-Segment Access Mode
CMS-XML v5.3.3 README states 55 members in SERCOMC LOAD, when there are only 51
51 programs changed, or recompiled to include changed copybooks .
CMS-XML Modules CMNGNRPT/CMNRPTDS obsolete in Change Man Mainframe 5.1.0
In Version 4.1.6, customers changed the default list of reports by customizing copybook CMNRPTDS and assembling program CMNGNRPT. In Version 5, the list of reports is changed by the Global
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