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CMS-XML DimCM14.5.2: AdminConsole: Last login date does not display in the published views
DimCM14.5.2: AdminConsole: Last login date does not display in the published views
CMS-XML After restarting IIS it takes an exceptionally long time before any users can login.
This folder should be empty except after first installing one of the Serena Solutions like Request Center, RLM etc. If you haven't installed one of these solutions since the last time you restarted IIS then this folder should be empty. If it's not empty then try stopping IIS and move the contents of the payload folder to a different location and start IIS.
CMS-XML The instructions in the User's Guide for Excel web query only work for when first created. If you close and reopen the spreadsheet or after a period of time I just get the signin screen
With SBM the URL provided to Excel dynamically get changed to include a SID (session ID) and temporary report number. Both of these become invalid either because the session ends (reopen the spreadsheet) or because of elapsed time .
CMS-XML How do I create a task that goes for 10 days but only fill in 8 hours of work.
Let's say I have a task that will last a total of ten days because of lag time during the task where you're waiting for a contract or something from some other party. But let's say the person who the task is assigned to will only actually do 8 hours of work on the task. From a projects costing perspective how do I say the task took ten days but only took 8 hours of actual time that should be considered for the cost of the project?
CMS-XML An Explanation of the "Last Modified" and "Checked In" dates and timestamps.
When looking at the output of a Show History report, a command-line vlog or a PCLI vlog command, revisions display two different dates with timestamps. These values may or may not be the same. Why is that and where does this information come from?
CMS-XML Overview of how milestones and dimensions work together
Then, if you would like to save another copy of the dates, you can use the Copy Dimension option again to copy the dates from Plan to Baseline. After this copy, you can compare dates from the Target (i.e. original Plan), the Baseline (i.e. the final Plan), and the current Plan. Comparing these dates may help you to identify problems in the project process or help explain delays.
CMS-XML Does SBM work with Single Sign On SSO
using Serena's Single Sign On engine. Instead, it was done by turning on IWA on the IIS tmtrack virtual directory. In prior versions of SBM, Serena's Single Sign On engine would always present the user with a login prompt the first time that the user signed on to a Serena product.
CMS-XML Upgrading Release Control from 6.0 to 6.1
Installation Upgrade to close SBM Configurator, which forces it to start all necessary services. Give the services time to restart, and then log in to Work Center using the following URL: http://serverName /workcenter
CMS-XML Notifcation server sends old messages even with current start date
The problem Could be that in Oracle the column type in use for dates has not been updated . The Binary_Double type column causes issues. The fix is to convert this column to a Float.
CMS-XML Trying to create investment with IRP page but it looks like it hangs and investment never gets created or asks you to login again.
Event ID: 0 Date : 10/24/2008 Time: 8:47:30 AM
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