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CMS-XML Invalid SER0320I (No such file or directory exists) editing hfs component from remote LPAR
A customer reported an invalid SER0320I message being encountered when attempting to edit hfs components in a ZMF package when working on a different LPAR than that hosting the Server started task (i.e. using the LBO option).
CMS-XML Package Service Checkout tag 'basePromoLibLevel' is required for baseline ckout
When using the Component Service Checkout the basePromoLibLevel is required if checkout from baseline is specified. If tag is not included, service will receive rc=8 and CMN8502I - Base/promo level is invalid
CMS-XML What type of access to area directories is needed for user IDs
* If you are using a Windows server and Windows Communication Agents, the server and Communication Agents must be started with user IDs that have rights to Act as part of the operating system and Log on as a service. The user IDs must also have read and write access to the directories that are pointed to by ChangeMan DS areas.
CMS-XML Dim: After upgrading my dm_make component still shows the same version id
The version number of dm_make is only incremented when changes are made to the dm_make code itself. Though we rebuild it for many releases, the version id (shown with the dm_make ---version command) is only incremented when changes are made to the dm_make code. The best way to see if the dm_make.exe is compatible with your release of Dimensions CM is to check the date on the file itself and compare it to other files in the prog directory .
CMS-XML Unexplained RC=998/ISPT015 in CMNsADSP running component build
As documented in the IBM manuals, the BLDL return code 8, when issued in this CMNsADSP context, most likely indicates either: a) a permanent I/O error was detected when the system attempted to search the directory or b) insufficient virtual storage was available.
CMS-XML Dim12: Using Microsoft Visual Studio to upload an application into Dimensions get error: "Failed to bind to part object using supplied identifier -1"
One common cause of this problem is that the Visual Studio project is located in a directory that is referenced by UNC pathname. The Dimensions CM plugin for Visual Studio does not support the use of UNC pathnames for solutions. Please use a local harddrive or a mapped drive with a drive letter.
CMS-XML RLC: How to manually create or update reports for Release Control 6.2 (PART 2: Deployment unit view does not load)
1. Copy the attached RLCViews.xml file to the following directory , replacing the existing file: Program Files\Serena\SBM\Application Engine\ViewDefinitions
CMS-XML SRA: Rollback configuration - How to remove files as part of rollback
Therefore, set the "Sync Mode" to "Sync and Clean". Save and close. When the process encounters the error (the missing directory ) and performs the rollback, the "extra" files that exist only in ver02 are removed and the result is a directory that reflects only what is in ver01.
CMS-XML What is the difference between a baseline and a dimension?
For more information about milestone dates, see KB S138073 . Dimensions do not hold data about individual tasks on the task plan. This data is only stored as part of a baseline .
CMS-XML Component History Deletion and Aging Process
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