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CMS-XML Unable to send email from Mariner / Agile test message button or stop getting email notifications and reports.
You may get errors like below in the Application Log of the Event Viewer on the Mariner / Agile server which results in email notifications no longer being recieved. Event Type: Error Event Source: Pacific Edge Software
CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.7.0
____________________ Accessibility- Flash screen does not allow focus on logon window Accessibility- HostView Causes Security Problem Administration (General)- HP UX Shadow Password Files Enabled Causes Failed Validation Area Config- Users allowed to create areas using mixed host names pointing to the same path Audit Trail- " Stop Time" Does Not Display Correct Value Audit Trail- Audit Trail does not show history for a specific file.
CMS-XML How can I make Configurator ask to do the Orchestration Engine database upgrade again after I chose to stop showing warnings?
You might first go into this directory and move the log files that start with "upgrade..." to another folder just so you have clean ones for the next upgrade. C:\Program Files\Serena\SBM\Common\Tomcat 7.0\server\default\logs Make sure Configurator is not running
CMS-XML How to capture detailed logs for the RM QC Sync engine integration – Dim RM 10.1.4, 2009 R1.01, 2009 R2
Sync Engine RM QC - Capturing Detailed Logs Stop the sync engine, stop the Web server, and close all RM applications. Navigate to the home RM\Conf directory.
CMS-XML Orchestration events no longer running (stop firing) and restarting JBoss does not resolve the problem
To do this, follow KB S139816 which talks about manually firing an event using the SOAP UI tool This will verify that events are being received by the orchestration engine and log in AlfEventManager.log file. NOTE: Only Asynchronous events are logged to the AlfEventManger.log file.
CMS-XML How to get more logging when the SBM GSOAP web service is called
It is critical to turn off webservice logging when you are done troubleshooting. Failure to turn off webservice logging will cause the server run out of drive space!
CMS-XML Log orchestration category of logs to a file rather than the Common Log
8. Make an orchestration fire and verify you are seeing results in the following file [SBM INSTALL DIR]\common\jboss405\server\default\log\orchestration.log 9. When you are done troublieshooting stop JBoss
CMS-XML Sernet Activity Log and monthly reporting feature.
Q5. Will the stop and start of the DP and P subsystems generate an Activity Log member within the SERRPTS dataset or will this strictly only occur following midnight on the 1st of every month
PDF Common Problems Encountered when Installing DA Agent
Need to get debug information from the installer In order to obtain debug logging of the Agent installer, on Unix or Linux machines use these steps: script /path/to/file.txt sh -x ./SerenaDA-agent.bin Note: When the installation stops , type Ctrl-D to end the script logging
CMS-XML RLM 5.1 install issues with promotion of the Turnover ProcessApp
If you see a failure promoting the "Deployment Log for Turnovers" report, then this setting is something you should check
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