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CMS-XML During deploy you get this error: "ERROR -- Failed to deploy event map for orchestration...: Access to this endpoint and/or SOAP action is not allowed"
Deploying to server "Default Event Manager Server" at 11/16/15 2:58 PM. INFO -- Constructing the ALF Event Map(s)... INFO -- Found event map for the "MyOrch" process app.
CMS-XML Getting error from external ALF event like org.apache.axis2.databinding.ADBException: Unexpected subelement {}EventType
... might see an error like the following ... ... if the incoming soap envelope doesn't look ... ... case of the error above the order ... turn caused this fault . ... envelope causing the error looked like this ... < soap :Envelope xmlns: soap ="http ... .org/ soap /envelope/ ... < soap :Body> </ soap :Body> </ soap :Envelope> ... given in the linked kb doc's example ... < soap :Envelope xmlns: soap ="http ... .org/ soap /envelope/ ... < soap :Body>
HTML SQL*Plus Report
... _SOAP11 Fault EXECUTE /e ... Messages _tr EXECUTE ... _ BUILD EXECUTE DM_ ... ... _SVM_ BUILD EXECUTE DM_ ... ... EXECUTE GET_ ERROR $ EXECUTE GET ... ... KUPC$_ MESSAGE EXECUTE KUPC$ ... ... _CHAIN_ LINK EXECUTE SCHEDULER$ ... ... /SnmpV3 Message EXECUTE com/ ... ... /POP3 Message ... /JDWP$ Error EXECUTE com/ ... ... /lang/ Error EXECUTE java/ ... ... /KeyStore$ Builder EXECUTE java/ ... ... /jms/ Message
CMS-XML SBM Upgrades from Versions Prior to 2009 R4
... Engine server) mistakenly uses the SBM ... ... may receive a warning that the snapshot ... ... you created a link from an application ... A message warns you that if you want to continue to work on this application, you should make sure it exists in another process app. ... In releases previous to 2009 R2, designers had to map SOAP header elements to working data in orchestration workflows. Beginning with 2009 R2, SOAP header elements must be mapped directly in Service steps.
CMS-XML How to setup an integration between ChangeMan ZMF and SBM
The licensing team will send the license to you. ... Go to File > New SOAP Project. ... <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=" soap /envelope/" ... TIP: If you get an error such as "", update the URL at the top of the screen. ... Inside the Orchestration Application, right click on Application Links , and choose Add New Event Definition.
CMS-XML Using SBM web service with Visual Studio or Visual Web Developer gives The request failed with HTTP status 404: Not Found when run.
If you are using the SBM web services in a Visual Studio or Visual Web Developer or other development environement you may see the following error when compiling and running the app. ... The reason the error occurs is because the web service wsdl that gets created when SBM is installed references localhost in the wsdl itself instead of the computers host name. ... < SOAP :address location=" http://localhost:80/gsoap/gsoap_ssl.dll?aewebservices71"/ >
CMS-XML Failures communicating with ZMF 8.1.2 Servers using older ZMF4ECL clients
GA web services build 229 with the old ZMF4ECL 8.1.1 build 322 client will fail with the following type of error : ... faultCode: { soap /envelope/}Server.userException
CMS-XML The service cannot be found for the endpoint reference when running orchestration and the orchestration doesn't run after upgrading to SBM 11+
... of the following errors if the Orchestration ... This error is a little ... ... path in the error /ode/ ... ... see the following errors . Error occurred during web ... SOAP Fault Code: axis ... SOAP Fault String: The ... ... orchestrations the following error would show in ... ... 01,612 ERROR [http- ... In order to fix this situation you can either open configurator and go to the Database Servers screen and click the Upgrade Database link to upgrade the orchestration engine database or deploy the application again via composer or the repository.
CMS-XML CMN ZMF Web Services Sample Code
SOAP Web Services provided with the ZMF Connector ... This is a cost option, These SOAP web services are written to manage session state. The ... The session state management is built into each web service.
CMS-XML Dim: Build Job Output Log contains message: No fully footprinted targets, Footprint Generation Skipped
This error is harmless and ... ... produced by a build . ... is produced and sent to a customer ... ... created after a build documenting the list ... ... available to the build template in a ... ... allows for the build script to embed ... ... Unix, Dimensions build does not automatically ... used during the build . ... the customer written build script to generate ... in the Dimensions Build Reference Guide. In general footprinting is not used in distributed environments and it certainly is not performed by Dimensions in an automated fashion, therefore it is best to ignore this message .
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