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CMS-XML How to make a listing report show attachment icons instead of the attachment link.
For each line containing "<img>" HTML tag, replace "src" attribute with the name of a more appropriate image from "...\ SBM \Application Engine\bin\images\". The defaults below are the same ones an item uses as it's default.
CMS-XML How does the URL get created in Agile to SBM integration when using the __URL__ ( SBM Link ) attributes?
If you are using the Agile to SBM integration you might map the __URL__ SBM field to a url attribute in Agile ( SBM Link ) so a user clicks it in Agile it will open the corresponding SBM item . Where does the server name part of the URL get created from or how do you change it?
CMS-XML How can I create a link that will take me straight to the Submit form in a SBM application?
The following document describes the steps one would take to create a link that when clicked will bring a user straight to the Submit form of an SBM process app or AUX table. You could put this link in an email or a link on a web page to make it easier for users to submit items into SBM . When the user clicks the link they will still be prompted for the usual login credentials for SBM but once submitted should be taken straight to the submit form.
CMS-XML How can I add a new icon for my Configuration Items on the Relationships screen?
Name the file like this example replacing your category name with the word Acme ( Acme_Icon_32x32.png ) Place the file in the equivalent location in the install tree of SBM C:\Program Files\Serena\SBM\Application Engine\bin\graphs\assets
CMS-XML SBM: How to restrict users to only see items associated to their Company
The primary table that you are trying to protect must have the Company field. This must be the built -in system Company field. No other field will work.
CMS-XML How to setup SBM to accept email submit of new items (pre-SBM 10.1)
If your email server requires an SSL connection , you must add the SSL Security Certificate (in .PEM format) to SBM. First, save the .pem
CMS-XML SBM: How does "Restrict by Role" work with the "Transition All Items" privilege?
Update transitions do not allow Restrict by Type, Restrict by Role, or Restrict by Rule. If you need restrictions of any kind, you would need to build them into the transition form instead.
CMS-XML SBM endpoints unable to connect after endpoint has been POODLE hardened. Failed to connect message when testing endpoint.
These endpoints may have functioned in the past but after the servers they connect to have been POODLE hardened the end points no longer connect . This means the ability to connect with the SSLv3 or TLSv1 protocols has been removed from the endpoint server and SBM is no longer able to connect to that endpoint.
CMS-XML SBM: why does SBM make so many connections to the database server?
SBM makes connections to the database server from Windows (Internet Information Service) and from Java. It will make as many connections as it needs to simultaneously service requests. Idle connections should be reused as needed.
CMS-XML Minimum privileges required for the Oracle user connecting to an SBM schema
What are the minimum set of Oracle permissions needed for the schema in order to use SBM? For information about Microsoft SQL permissions, see KB S138590 .
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