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CMS-XML Unable to send email from Mariner / Agile test message button or stop getting email notifications and reports.
Unable to send email from Mariner / Agile test message button or stop getting email notifications and reports.
CMS-XML Email templates being cut off
Where the email is cut off , the next character should be observed. Often this is a special character. Some special characters appear to be fine, such as Microsoft curved quotes, which must be replaced with standard ' straight quotes.
CMS-XML How do I delete a Plugin that is setup in the Mail Services section of Configurator?
In versions of SBM 10.1.2.X in the Configurator tool when you click on the "Mail Services" area there is a place you can add plugins. After you add a plugin there you can then create notifications that use channels that in turn use those plugins. If you click on the Remove button next to the plugin on this screen it might not do anything and the plugin won't go away.
CMS-XML Notelogger seems to stop processing at random times and needs restart to finish.
Edit the following file C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\SBM\Common\tomcat\server\default\webapps\notificationsrv\WEB-INF\classes\ mail - old -part-finders.conf Set "value" of the "enabled" parameter to false for all
CMS-XML How to setup text Email Responses (with example to approve or reject an item)
In other words, if the URL is only accessible from within the network, he won't be able to click the button unless connected to the network. Also, for security, the buttons will expire . By default, the buttons will only work for 3 days.
CMS-XML Email responses and transitioning items from notifications
responses must be quick transitions. • The recipient is not required to log in to transition the item; instead, the responses each contain an unique expiring token that is embedded in the URL, which grants the
CMS-XML When using email submit and I map the body of the email to one of my fields all I see is non rendered html with a bunch of Microsoft tags.
Call Shell.Item.SetFieldValue("Description",thebody) end if The attached video goes through the steps to implement this code and how to make it run on your email submit transition.
CMS-XML ChangeMan ZMF Announcement: End of Life for TeamTrack for ZMF (TT4ZMF)
Have questions or need assistance? All Serena customers may e-mail Customer Support: For online assistance please visit the Serena Support self-service website .
CMS-XML Get$findCCUsers in ns.log when user has bogus entry in CC list in user profile and nobody gets the notification sent to them, not even the primary recipient
One other side affect of this problem is any notification that ran into one of these bogus cc list entries will put an entry in the TS_NOTIFICATIONEVENTS table but since the email was never sent will remain in that table and not be removed like it typically would. Consequently you will see a message like this in the ns.log file and that notification won't fire anymore even after fixing the cc list.
CMS-XML Readme for SBM as of 12th April 2012
Note: For minor upgrades, if you want to uninstall existing components or install new components other than the SBM Mail Services, you must use the Windows Add/ Remove Programs utility to completely uninstall SBM and then perform a Custom install using the suite installer again (which performs a clean install). This process does not upgrade the current installation. It is recommended that you back up your existing SBM installation directory before you uninstall and reinstall with different component selections.
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