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CMS-XML How to rename or move a server hosting SBM
From time to time a situation may come up where you need to rename a server . When a server which hosting your SBM installation is renamed, you must also update your SBM configuration.
CMS-XML How do I move the report server database to a new database server?
Login to the original sql server with the MSSQL Manger Tool and make a backup of the ReportServer database (This is the default name given to the Report Server database but could be different.
CMS-XML How do I create a new License Key for Collage / Mover or move the database server where Collage / Mover runs?
The old IP address of the database server that hosts the Administration database The new IP address of the database server that hosts the Administration database Keep in mind that we are talking about the IP address of the database server and not necessarily the IP address of the Collage / Mover server as they may or may not be the same.
CMS-XML SBM Login screen just shows the "Loading" message and never moves.
HTTP Redirection If you are trying to login to SBM from the server check to see if you have "IE Enhanced Security" enabled like below. If this feature is enabled you can either.
CMS-XML SBM 11.2+: How to setup SBM to authenticate against more than on LDAP server (Compound Authenticator)
In SBM 11.2, this feature was moved to the SBM Configurator. For older versions, follow the steps in KB S139949 .
CMS-XML #SERx member does not update application SYS LPAR details at Server task startup
09979 SYS1 If we move the task to run on SYS2 we get this: * SMFI S APP TCPIPROC PORT# ADDR
This doesn't require to stop and restart the Z/os listener as the options are read when a library server starts. So, issuing a fresh AUTH command in a session will reload the library server, or any new deployment will start a fresh library server.
CMS-XML Get error viewing a report that says "rsItemNotFound"
This error is a result of the underlying report template that was used when the report was created is no longer available on the report server. In the error above this report was created with a report template called "Issues by Investment" and the template was either deleted or the server was moved to another box or different report server is being used where that report templage doesn't exist.
CMS-XML About the Application Repository component and database (How to manually remove the Application Repository component)
For example, if you have a dev server and a production server, you may want to remove the AR component from the production server. This will move the AR component work-load to the dev server . You could also choose to remove the AR component from dev and leave it on prod.
CMS-XML SBM Upgrades from Versions Prior to 2009 R4
Repeat this process until all components are installed on one or more distributed servers. If you decide to move a component to a different server as part of the upgrade, you must clear the component selection in the installer when you perform the upgrade on the server that currently hosts the component that you want to move . For guidance and recommendations for distributed installations, refer to the Serena®
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