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HTML Solutions Business Manager 11.6.1 Security Bulletin
Summary SWC: Possible DOM based XSS injection in Dashboard widget (DEF330300) Fixed potential DOM based XSS injection vulnerability in Dashboard widgets SWC: XSS in swc.notification.noSubscriptions string (DEF330372)
PDF TeamTrack Database Schema
TS_HEIGHT int 10130000 Height (in pixels) of the menu item if this is a dashboard widget . NULL for all other menu items.
CMS-XML Readme for SBM 10.1 as of 9th February 2012
... * The Social Widget contains the suggest ... ... cells have a maximum height of 100 ... ... The Amazon Search widget is no longer ... The Flickr widget and YouTube widgets are no longer ... ... * A Social Widget detail control is ... ... Workspace, this widget contains the users ... ... * An SLA Widget detail control is ... ... Workspace, this widget contains Service Level ... This widget is intended to ... ... if an SLA widget or a Social widget is added to ... ... The Amazon Search Widget has been deprecated ... ... the REST Grid Widget instead. ... the REST Grid Widget , if a ...
CMS-XML Form display issues if upgrading from Release Control 6.0 to 6.0.1 or above and not promoting the process apps
application i. Select the HTML/Javascript widget named “DeploymentPathWidget” ii. Replace the entire “Content” section on the General tab of the Property Editor with: <div id="DeploymentPathDiv" style="border: none; overflow: hidden; width: 760px; max -width:1800px; height: 100%; resize: horizontal;"> $INCLUDE(rlm/deploymentpath/deploymentpath-definition.htm) </div>
CMS-XML Configuring and Troubleshooting the Social Widget in SBM
The Social view is enabled for all primary items by default. The Experts feature, which is not enabled by default, is part of the Social View and allows users to see a list of experts based on the number and kind of similar items they worked on.
CMS-XML SER8602E - SER#PARM record length too small to hold DNS name. IP address used instead.
add support for IP V6 addresses, as well as DNS names up to their maximum length of 253 characters, the dataset defined for SER # PARM may now need to be defined as RECFM=VB and LRECL=275, to support LONGER DNS names.
CMS-XML How to create a report that when run will show all records and override the users settings for displaying a default number of items.
Each user has the ability to change their user preferences and specify how many items that will show when they run a report before they have to scroll to the next page. One example of a time you might want to override this setting is if you are using the Embedded Report Widget on a form and you want all the items returned by the report to show in the widget by default. Sometimes in the Embedded Report Widget it might not be as obvious that there are multiple pages of results to look at.
CMS-XML How to set the initial start and end dates in the Time Capture widget to the current date.
function __attachTimeRecord() \{ var $elem = jQuerySBM(' # add_time_record');
CMS-XML The PDF Widget and PDF Templates
The PDF Widget and PDF Templates
CMS-XML Problems with the PDF and REST Widgets
Problems with the PDF and REST Widgets
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