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CMS-XML -mailadd for cmnuser does not add mail address when user is created
-mailadd for cmnuser does not add mail address when user is created
CMS-XML How do I delete a Plugin that is setup in the Mail Services section of Configurator?
In versions of SBM 10.1.2.X in the Configurator tool when you click on the "Mail Services" area there is a place you can add plugins. After you add a plugin there you can then create notifications that use channels that in turn use those plugins. If you click on the Remove button next to the plugin on this screen it might not do anything and the plugin won't go away.
CMS-XML How to setup text Email Responses (with example to approve or reject an item)
In the Mail Client section enter the connection information for the mail server that is hosting the Email Recorder address ( created in step 1). Also, check the boxes to include HTML email and to delete emails after processing.
CMS-XML How to use the $MAILHEADERPARAM() email template tag
When you create or edit a notification email template, you can use various tags to customize that email . In this email, we will discuss the $MAILHEADERPARAM() tag.
CMS-XML E-mail submit fails with error: "Date has an invalid value" found in Notification Server log
Customers who use XML e-mail submit may receive the following error in the ns.log file ERROR 16-05-2013 11:02:31 [MailClient] -- Could not create item or file attachment for item "test" at project "Service Requests".
CMS-XML Email responses and transitioning items from notifications
the recipient to transition an item without requiring him or her to log in. For example, you can create a notification that contains "Approve" or "Reject" links that a manager can use to quickly approve or reject a vacation request while it is in the Pending
CMS-XML How do I change the server name in email notifications to have fully qualified domain name in the url?
When you receive email notifications from Agile there are sometimes links that will go directly to the Agile server like the password reset email notification. This document describes how to change the url that gets created in those emails to have a fully qualified name for the server.
CMS-XML How can I create a link that will take me straight to the Submit form in a SBM application?
The following document describes the steps one would take to create a link that when clicked will bring a user straight to the Submit form of an SBM process app or AUX table. You could put this link in an email or a link on a web page to make it easier for users to submit items into SBM. When the user clicks the link they will still be prompted for the usual login credentials for SBM but once submitted should be taken straight to the submit form.
CMS-XML Get "Author could not be resolved" tool tip when hovering over user name in journal entry or the users name can't be clicked to send email.
This happens on journal entries that were created on older versions of SBM when the feature didn't exist yet to be able to send an email to the author of the journal entry. On any new journal entries the hover tool tip should say "Send Email".
CMS-XML How can I get a list of all the investments that have been created via an IRP page?
The attached report when run will show a list of investment names and the corresponding email address of the submitter. One side note on this is due to defect in the submit page any IRP requests made with a browser other than Internet Explorer doesn't save the submitters email address in the database so they won't show on this report when run. Consequently any investment submitted by users not using Internet Explorer won't recieve a email confirmation for the same reason.
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