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CMS-XML What permissions does an App Script run as?
What permissions does an App Script run as?
CMS-XML Troubleshooting: Notification using Run Script does not kick off the AppScript (SBM 10.1+)
Troubleshooting: Notification using Run Script does not kick off the AppScript (SBM 10.1+)
CMS-XML After upgrade, login screen gives error "Length cannot be less than zero. Parameter name: length"
If you are running a patch after PPM 2009 R1.03, you will still need to run the upgrade SQL script associated with that patch.
CMS-XML DA: Request to run a Global Process using curl
The DA command line client does not have a command to run a global process. If you need to request a global process from a script or other tool, you may be able to use curl to request it.
CMS-XML ZMF 5.5 to ZMF 5.6 Migration Guide 'Sample Conversion Day Script' update
In the ZMF 5.5 to 5.6 Migration Guide, page 51 describes all the steps to create the IA table and the new BUN table. It even tells you to run the Full IA job after the ZMF V5.6 task comes up (point #4). However, in the 'Sample Conversion Day Script' on pages 60 + 61 there is no mention of the IA and BUN table jobs or when to run the Full IA job to populate the tables.
CMS-XML RLC 6.2.4+: How to automate Release Package creation using groovy script (groovy API)
There are sample scripts, but you would need to write your own scripts to create the Release Packages the way you need. Then, you can run the scripts as needed. This document is designed to be an FAQ and to hold tips and tricks to get you started.
CMS-XML RM 2009 R2 SyncEngine to QC 10 – log entry QC Error : IDispatch error #490Failed to Run Query
Edit and run the appropriate SYNCENGINE_QC_SCHEMA script against the database. You can rerun the entire script with new entries for the QC new project. Creating the Interface Schema
CMS-XML If a form field equals a certain value, require a file be attached before a transition can happen. Sample app script.
Click Next and select "After" for the timing Select the AppScript you created in step 1 Now when that transition runs the AppScript will look at the "Title" field and if the value is "Serena" you won't be able to transition this item until there is at least one file attached.
CMS-XML SBM 11.3+: How to run a command line data import (ODBC Import)
screen, map the source fields to destination fields. On this screen, you can also mark source fields to be available within scripts , even if that field is not ultimately mapped to an SBM destination field. Additional tips can be found in the help .
CMS-XML When using AppScript how do you debug the values of variables or field values? How to troubleshoot appscript.
This approach can be used if you are only interested in maintaining either a log of a single run of a script or keeping a long running log for a certain script . The important thing to note on this approach is the text file gets created and written by the same user that is used to run the SBM application pool. In other words the user that runs the SBM Application pool ( By default this is the Network Service account ) must given windows permissions to Read / Write a file to the location you specify in your code.
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