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CMS-XML How do I get a list of all Agile items that have documents attached as well as the path on the file system in the doc store repository?
By altering the following sql to match your database names it will show all the items in the docstore as well as the corresponding file system path. SELECT obj_UID as Item_ID ,obj_Name as Agile_Item_Name ,'root_'+ Cast(doc_RootFolderID as nvarchar(100)) as Doc_Root, Cast(doc_GUID as nvarchar(100)) + doc_FileName as SubFolder, doc_FileName as Original_Filename
CMS-XML How do you know who shared or created a report when you only know the report name? Or how do you know who owns a report?
The following sql can be run against the Mariner database and will show a list of who a report is shared with and who shared.
CMS-XML Dim: How to list roles that are assigned to a group
The published view PCMS_USER_ROLES is based upon the actual database table named RM_USERS. Unfortunately, the published view does not contain the newer column group_uid. Therefore it is difficult or impossible to know which roles are granted to the user as a result of inclusion in a group.
CMS-XML How can I find the name of the report associated with a "Reference Name" and the project it resides in to troubleshoot the Embedded Report Widget?
Running the following sql query against the application database will give a list of all reports along with their "Reference Name " and "Report Name " SELECT TS_PROJECTS.TS_NAME AS Project_Name, TS_REPORTS.TS_NAME AS Report_Name, TS_REPORTS.TS_REFERENCENAME AS Reference_Name, TS_PROJECTS.TS_INTERNALNAME AS Internal_Name
PDF TeamTrack Database Schema
TS_OVERRIDEN longvarchar 10150000 Comma-separated list of settings names , which have been pushed to group’s users by admin last time. TS_DATE_FORMAT int 1110000001 If the user’s date preference is to use the user’s locale default, this setting controls whether the format used is short, medium, or long. Values for TS_FIELDSMASK column:
CMS-XML server.log shows error "PLS-553 Character set name is not recognized" When starting jboss and AE won't connect.
You may see this error in server.log when using an Oracle database after making a copy of another Oracle db .
CMS-XML Dimensions RM how to collect system and DB information (RM 10.1.4, RM 10.1.2, 2009 R1.01, 2009 R2)
sqlplus ICBDA/<icdba password>@< database name > @GetRmDbConfig.sql
PDF Microsoft Word - IMS SSI for StarTool FDM 753 Insert Patch.doc
... --------------- IMS PCB List for SSIPHDAM - ------- Row 1 to 8 of 8 COMMAND ===> SCROLL ===> CSR Enter an EDIT, VIEW, EXTRACT, BATCH EXTRACT, or a StarTool subcommand : OPT NAME Data/MSG TYP SL Location ATTR Kyl Leng OP -Search Argument- PCB#001 TP *COMPAT* -- PCB#002 DB S SSIDHDAM AP 15 -- OAKCUST SEG LEV# ...
CMS-XML After upgrade, Investments and Analyzer modules give error. Get "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: key".
Get the following error when trying to access the Investments or Analyzer modules after migrating database . System.ArgumentNullException Message
CMS-XML After upgrade, login screen gives error "Length cannot be less than zero. Parameter name: length"
This problem happens when upgrading from Mariner 2008 to PPM 2009 R1.00, R1.01, or R1.02. After you migrate the database , the login screen opens with the following error:
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