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CMS-XML RLC: Passing parameters to task, using "Custom Task Validation Rules", using "Custom DU Validation Rules", creating custom code to be passed (Two-way link between Release Package and Manual Task)
UPDATE: The built -in feature to pass code to an RLC Task using a Parameter only allows you to pass ${ ISSUEID}
CMS-XML RLC: Clicking on a ZMF change package prompts for a login, but my password always fails
When you are looking at the list of Deployment Units associated to a Release Package, you may see ZMF change packages within the list. The name of the change package is a clickable link. When you click this link , you are prompted for a login.
CMS-XML Problems accessing ERO packages after upgrade to ZMF V8.1
'CMR6504I - No information found for Package search request' Packages linked to releases post-upgrade will be fine.
CMS-XML RLC 6.2.4+: How to automate Release Package creation using groovy script (groovy API)
The basics are documented in the online help. Here is a direct link :
CMS-XML How does the URL get created in Agile to SBM integration when using the __URL__ ( SBM Link ) attributes?
Options | Manage Services | Notification Server | Properties | Options Tab. In the Web Server box of the Link Settings control this is where the server name and port are created from in the SBM Link . After changes are made to this setting you need to restart IIS for the changes to take affect.
CMS-XML RLC: When adding deployment units to a Release Package, my ZMF Change Package is missing
Among these, you can add Change Packages from ZMF. If you have not setup the ZMF plugin and Mainframe Connector, you will need to follow those instructions first. This document assumes the RLC to ZMF connection is working, but the needed change package is not showing in the list of available options.
CMS-XML The VFYILOD STEP gets a return code 8 when a RELINK fails or is submitted a 2nd time.
Workaround is to delete the member / component from the package , before resubmitting.
CMS-XML RLC: How to manually create or update reports for Release Control 6.2.2 (Complete Testing can skip required environments, Error closing Release Package)
RequestPost Connection handle is OK Calling SendRequest
CMS-XML RLC: When attaching a ZMF Change Package as a Release Package Deployment Unit, Application says "Loading..."
If this is a new Release Control installation that has never connected to ZMF before, open the Release Control Providers Administration page, and edit the ZMF plugin. Verify the connection information.
CMS-XML ZMF 8.1.1 - New DB2 Option Tables and Packages
DB2OPTN must be run on the 'local' DB2 subsystem which is connected to from a D, DP, or ALL ZMF task. The 'local' DB2 subsystem is the first physical DB2 system defined in the ZMF instance's global admin DB2 option panel (CMNGD2S0 - ZMF ISPF option a.g.o.2.1) and the SITE field for this subsystem definition must be blank.
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