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CMS-XML How do I create a new License Key for Collage / Mover or move the database server where Collage / Mover runs?
The three things we need as mentioned in the video are the following: The existing license key The old IP address of the database server that hosts the Administration database
CMS-XML How to rename or move a server hosting SBM
If the License Server is also on this server, on the License Server screen, update the License Manager Server name. Also, see KB S138876 for additional details about renaming an SLM server.
CMS-XML Readme for SBM 10.1 as of 9th February 2012
... refer to the Moving to Serena® ... ... Third Party Client Licenses ... Third Party Suite Licenses ... tasks have been moved from the SBM ... ... features have been moved to SBM Application ... ... to navigate, move , and reorder ... ... dialog will be moved into focus. ... link has been moved to the SBM ... ... is a new Move to Section context ... can use to move a field to ... ... and use seat licenses . Domain Specification Moved to SBM System ... ... schemas has been moved to the Knowledgebase ... ... the instructions in Moving to Serena® ... ... R2, move the slider to ...
CMS-XML Configuration Files, Web Interface Templates, JavaScript Files, and String Changes That Have Changed in 2009 R4
... integer} OCCASIONAL Licenses being used. ... ... "IDS_ LICENSES _OCCASSIONAL" ... ... _NOSEAT_ LICENSES _IGNOREGROUPS" ... ... using Seat Based Licenses . ... _NOSEAT_ LICENSES _IGNOREUSERS" ... ... using Seat Based Licenses . ... subsequent reports are moved up one position ... ... Report 4 will move up to be ... ... _SEAT_ LICENSES _INSUFFICIENT_ ... Occasional User seat licenses , {1 ... ... _SEAT_ LICENSES _INSUFFICIENT_ ... EN} seat licenses for Occasional accounts ... ... _SEAT_ LICENSES _LIMITEDUSER_ ... EN} seat licenses for Occasional User ...
PDF SBM Application Administrator Features
... forth in the license under which the ... Features Moved to SBM Application ... Features Moved to SBM Configurator ... Moved to SBM Application Administrator • Projects ... Moved to SBM Configurator • Notification Server configuration and stop/start ... Features Moved to SBM Application Administrator The following features have been moved from SBM System Administrator to SBM Application Administrator. ... Features Moved to SBM Application Administrator
PDF iPhone Help
Use, duplication, and disclosure by the U.S. Government is subject to the restrictions set forth in the license under which the Software was acquired. ... 5. After display an item in the results, you can move to the next or previous item from the search results by clicking the up or down arrow, .
CMS-XML Sernet Activity Log and monthly reporting feature.
Activity log records are written to the SERALOG dataset hourly while the ZMF task is active and also upon event if the customer's license is a 'fixed-user' license . ... Q4. Does the customer need to move SERSORT include member to a searchable library?
CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.7.0
... picked up by License Other- Server ... POA- Package will not move automatically to INS state POA- Packages fail to install with large number of files POA- For "ChangeMan ECP User Restricted Login", package remains in APR state POA- Installation scripts cannot be edited POA- Pre/Post Implemenation Scripts Randomly Do Not Execute POA- Web client freezes when creating Applications \ Packages POA- Package stuck in APR state after all approvals
CMS-XML Using LDAP/Active Directory authentication with Mariner/PPM
You will still need to manually give the user permissions and assign a license (step 4 above). ... You can right click on these Resources and move them to the correct Resource Teams.
CMS-XML Administrator Release Notes - TeamTrack 6.3
29. If you move file attachments to the file system after storing them in the database, they are now deleted from the database. ... 49. If you have the Issue Management solution license , you can run the Issues Solution Wizard multiple times.
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