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CMS-XML Component User Option Variables - which ones are available and at what times?
Component User Option Variables - which ones are available and at what times?
CMS-XML LicenseReport using user with Advanced option does not work - Needs Documenting
Further information was documented in the Installation Overview letter shipped with the product. It states: License keys for Serena ChangeMan DS 5.6.0 are now issued based on specific quantities of users and
CMS-XML ENH192505: Users can now choose to save report parameters or choose to be prompted every time reports are run (PPM 10.2.5)
Check or uncheck the box called "Retain Report Parameters" on the toolbar. When this option is checked, the report will remember the parameters you chose last time the report was run and will run the report again using the same parameters. After the report has run, you can still choose to change the parameters and run the report again.
CMS-XML Adding selection values to User, Multi-User, Multi-Group fields in auxiliary tables
4) Switch to the 'Fields' tab. 5) Select the User/Multi-User/Multi-Group field you wish to edit and hit the Edit button. 6) Switch to the ' Options ' tab and then click on the 'Add' button from where you can select Users and/or Groups.
CMS-XML How do you see what investments are chosen for a user in the Project Picker control on a Home page?
Sometimes the project picker control on the homepage will stop to render and it's necessary to go behind the scenes to figure out which investment is causing the problem or clear them out for a certain user so they are able to see the picker again. The following script will show all the investments in the picker for a certain user.
CMS-XML Moving a resource team member from one resource team to another and get error "PES-User-Resource cannot be a child of the selected investment."
This error is caused by a defect that occurs if you are in the "Investment Setup" area and have the "Team Resource" investment selected and click Save. The 2008 R3.02 patch addresses the bug and keeps the issue from happening again. However, if your database has already been affected by the bug, you will need to run the following script.
CMS-XML Setting ZMF user panel names in panel logic (e.g. CMNUSR01)
The only way of consistently overriding the user panel name is now via use of High Level Language Exit ( HLLX ) BULD00US. In there, the rexx userPanel variable or the COBOL BULDUPAN field can be set according to the required logic and this will be consistently used to display the appropriate user options panel.
CMS-XML Testing if a PDS(E) member exists in a HLLX routine
Whichever type of solution is chosen , customers must obviously confirm that it functions in the correct manner within their own HLLX routine. This is especially important when considering that multiple users could be concurrently executing any such request (please refer to KB article S142622 for further information on this aspect of HLLX programming).
CMS-XML How come I don't have access to the Manage Resource Pool option when opening a project?
Only POD Administrators can open the Resource Pool. A Power User is not by default an administrator but Power User can also be made an administrator then they will have access to the Resource Pool.
CMS-XML What is exported when you use the "Export Type System" option?
Timesheet Settings User Synchronization Module Designer (Also called Homepage Designer)
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