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CMS-XML DA: Request to run a Global Process using curl
DA: Request to run a Global Process using curl
CMS-XML SDA/SRA: Tutorial: Creating Your First Serena Deployment Automation Plug-in
<description>Print Hello World</description> <properties></properties> <post- processing >
CMS-XML Trying to edit the Global Mashup in Composer but don't see it in the Application Repository as an option to open.
Open the Environment you wish to pull the Global Mashup from. Click the "Deployed Process Apps" tab Highlight the "Global Mashup" application
USAGE Run Global Process step([$class: 'RunGlobalProcessNotifier', // DA server to publish to, configured in global settings.
CMS-XML Replicate Deployment Automation objects across an air gap
Dependency analysis The export procedure will automatically identify all the dependencies associated with the selected applications set, such as components, component templates, generic processes , global environments, resources, resource groups, agent pools, plugins, statuses, notification schemes, resource roles, and security roles. Inactive component versions, snapshots, and environments will be excluded from the export. The rest of the objects will be exported regardless of their status.
PDF Managing CICS Resources with ChangeMan ZMF
In the case of CSD, the IBM®- supplied panel ISREMCLS needs to be customized so that CSD invokes panel CMNCSDMD. In addition, the global installation exit routine, CMNEXINS, needs to specify that temporary data sets used in the edit stage process are to have the last node as library type: INS$LNOD EQU XIN$LTY
PDF Dimensions Build User’s Guide
item 74 intermediate level configuration module 76 item processor build process 93 linking object modules example of use 108 migrating to 146 output derived item 85 item 74 tag example of use 104 logical symbol 84 top level configuration module ... pcmsfile 24 containers 43 container directive in pcmsfile 41 object library notation 41 object library notation (example) 42 controlled 17 dependency 17 diagnostic output 19 findstring function 63 global workset: not available as a CSP 21 handling of database connection failure 20 improving efficiency 47 integration with Dimensions Version 20 invoking 19 make client 14 makefile 15
PDF Serena Collage Project Manager's Guide
... Overview 128 About Planning Content Contribution 128 About the Content Field Types 130 About Global Styles 132 Example Contribution Setup: New Department Section 132 About the Contribution Setup Process 133 About Setting Up Contribution Document Deployment 135 About In-Context Contribution 136 Step 1: Creating and Setting Up Contribution Document Types 137 Step 2: Setting Up Contribution Content Fields 141 Step 3: Defining Layout for Contribution Documents 161 Step 4: Setting Up Contribution Folder Types 173 Step 5: Creating and Securing Contribution Folders 178 Defining Global Styles 181 Defining Formatting and Layout Options ...
MS-WORD ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
- Expected values : - DCF : Only those tasks selected by DCF will be allowed to use DMM processing. - Global : All tasks will be allowed to use DMM processing .
PDF Microsoft Word - IMS SSI for StarTool FDM 753 Insert Patch.doc
... .164 5 Batchjcl - Create a background StarTool job TERMINAL - 3278 A Advanced - Menu of advanced applications LOG PROC - $ALAN1 S Status - Function status and selection menu MVSID - D001 DB DB2 - Menu of DB2 services APPLID - ISR IM IMS - Menu of IMS services SuperEdit - Enabled I# ISPF - Stack an ISPF session (like I3.4) LEVEL - PDSE753 IN Index - Display StarTool tutorial index N New - Summarize changes for this release X Exit - Terminate StarTool
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