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CMS-XML How-To get the value of a sub-relational field upon change
Due to the nature of sub-relational fields, we are unable to use the AddChangeCallback at this time. However, you can use AddChangeCallback on the relational field which will change the sub-relational field. Also, it is not possible to get the new value of the sub-relational field from the callback function using the GetFieldValue .
CMS-XML How to make a more user friendly error message display on your form when using a synchronous orchestration that displays a fault.
var strError = GetFieldValue ("ErrorMsg"); if(strError) { if(strError.indexOf("5000")>=0)
CMS-XML How to avoid submitting duplicate auxiliary items in SBM 11.1+
function customChangeCallback() var theVal = GetFieldValue (theField); var theurl = "tmtrack.dll?JSONPage&command=jsonapi&JSON_Func=getitemsbylistingreport&JSON_P1=" + theReport + "&hasruntimeparams=1&" + theFieldId + "=" + theVal
CMS-XML When using email submit and I map the body of the email to one of my fields all I see is non rendered html with a bunch of Microsoft tags.
The code below has been altered a little since the video was created to accommodate plain text emails also being used. Call Shell.Item. GetFieldValue ("Description",originalstring) ' If the next line is not greater than 0 then this is plain text email so skip
CMS-XML If a form field equals a certain value, require a file be attached before a transition can happen. Sample app script.
dim myvar If Not Shell.Item. GetFieldValue ("Title", myvar) Then ' Error finding the field or reading from it
CMS-XML How to use javascript to compare the currently logged in user to another user field like Submitter.
var x = GetFieldValue ("EditBox").replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, '') ;
CMS-XML Working with Date fields in AppScript
As a result, if the user is in Pacific timezone and enters 10-Jan-2013 8:00AM (which is -8hrs GMT), the date is stored in the database as 2013-01-10T16:00:00+00:00. Then, when you use Shell.Item. GetFieldValue , you will get the value as stored in the database (2013-01-10T16:00:00+00:00, in this example).In
CMS-XML Using AppScript and DateAdd function to increment date by month can result in error: "Numeric overflow -- ERR #2 Line X"
call objItem. GetFieldValue ("ORIGINALDATE", startDate)
CMS-XML Error: "We're sorry, you cannot submit a new xxxxxxx Request from this popup window. Please use the Submit button on the application bar."
The following is the javascript that will be placed into the "execute a JavaScript" action if ( GetFieldValue ("MySingle") =="(None)" || GetFieldValue ("MySingle") =="" ) $(GetFieldWidgetByName("MySingle")).find("img:not([src$='multi_popup.gif'])").hide();
CMS-XML Troubleshooting: Notification using Run Script does not kick off the AppScript (SBM 10.1+)
Wrong number of arguments -- ERR #7 Line 81> nRetVal = objProjects. GetFieldValue ("WORKFLOWID") In this example, the code is calling GetFieldValue("WORKFLOWID"), but GetFieldValue requires 2 parameters, the name of the field (input) and a variable to hold the value (output).
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