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CMS-XML Started task TCP/IP ErrNo=47s binding to ports
When starting a ZMF 8.1.1+ started task the following type of messages can often be seen:
CMS-XML SRA: What ports and protocols are used for communications between SRA Server and SRA Agent
Communications between the Serena Release Automation Server and Agent utilizes the Java Message Service (JMS) protocol. The default port for this communications is 7918 -- though this may be changed/configured at installation time.
CMS-XML SBM Port Usage List
Used for client certificate authentication. This can be removed by redirecting the federation server page through IIS and letting IIS collect the client certificate.
CMS-XML Out of network users communicate with JBOSS on port 443
is the URI for the Serena SSO Federation server also known as the SSO login page. Edit the following file:
CMS-XML Serena SSO/CAC Setup through port 443 Only
file. This file lives on every server that has an SSO gatekeeper. DimCM, DimRM, PVCS Version Manager all have an SSO gatekeeper and may be setup to the SBM SSO Federation Server .
CMS-XML Ports listed in Admin Guide are incorrect.
Page 278 in the troubleshooting section states: Why can’t I access areas or servers through a firewall?
CMS-XML TCP/IP port list in Troubleshooting appendix of Administrator Guide
The lists of ports provided in the answer to the "Why can’t I access areas or servers through a firewall?" question is incorrect.
CMS-XML Could not connect to DaemonServer on port 50000
Make sure that the /etc/ hosts file has an entry for "localhost". The entry normally looks something like this:
CMS-XML How to install two versions of Serena Common Tomcat on the same server
This document was originally written with Release Manager upgrade in mind, but the same concepts apply for any system where two versions of the Serena Common Tomcat are needed. In these steps, we will change Tomcat 6 to use port 8081 and install Tomcat 8 on the default port 8080. The assumption is that Tomcat 6 will eventually go way, leaving Tomcat 8 alone on the default ports.
CMS-XML How to change the port number in scheduled reports URL from port 80 if using SSL on a secure port
If you are using SSL on port 443 or another secure port and the URL in scheduled reports email is showing port 80 and isn't working, go to the SBM Configurator under Mail Services> Notification Server > Link Settings> and verify that port 443 is listed. Restart all services in the SBM Configurator and the URL for scheduled reports will reflect port 443 when the email link is sent to the user.
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