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CMS-XML How to prevent the Event Manager from accepting external events without credentials
Save the file and restart JBoss. Event Manager will no longer accept events that do not have credentials. Note: If the no_authentication property is set to true, any related orchestration workflows that call AE web services will need to pass explicit credentials to those AE web service calls. This was previously the case when SSO was not enabled.
CMS-XML CMN ZMF Web Services Sample Code
- Click on 'Add External JARs...' and navigate to the location of your current zmfwsbas.jar file. This can be found in your web application server's webapps\zmfws\WEB-INF\lib folder (e.g. D:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 8.0\webapps\zmfws\WEB-INF\lib on your Tomcat Server machine)
CMS-XML loginAsUserId in WebServices requires Remote Administration privilege
loginAsUserId in WebServices requires Remote Administration privilege
CMS-XML Get "jboss:service=WebService java.lang.Exception: Port 8083 already in use" or "Port value out of range:" in server.log
Get "jboss:service= WebService java.lang.Exception: Port 8083 already in use" or "Port value out of range:" in server.log
CMS-XML How to get more logging when the SBM GSOAP web service is called
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\TeamShare\TeamTrack] " WebServices Log"=dword:00000001 To turn it back off, set it to zero.
CMS-XML Using SBM web service with Visual Studio or Visual Web Developer gives The request failed with HTTP status 404: Not Found when run.
C:\Program Files\Serena\SBM\Application Engine\ webservices \bin For example "aewebservices71.wsdl"
CMS-XML How-To Setup SBM on a TLS hardened server / Disable SSL
Secure SSL and TLS in SBM 11.x SBM 11.x will communicate with an external web service using TLSv1.2 unless the web service endpoint requests a lower protocol. However, the JRE used by SBM 11.x enables TLS v1.0 and later by default. Below are instructions to disable TLSv1.0 in SBM 11.x.
CMS-XML Where can I get information on Mariner/PPM web services or the wsdl path?
You can find a complete list of available web services for your version of Mariner/PPM by checking the application server directly at: Demand Management: http://<AppServerName>/ppm/ WebServices /DemandManagement.asmx Resource Management: http://<AppServerName>/ppm/WebServices/ResourceManagement.asmx
CMS-XML After upgrade to SBM 10.1.3+ orchestration workflow may get error "Invalid item id 0 for table 0."
Along with that change you created an external orchestration event that uses the "ItemId_TableRecId" element in another application to run an SBM web service method. For illustration the following screen shot shows the "Issue Id" field was renamed to "Acme" in this application. In versions of SBM prior to 10.1.3 the Element in the Event Definition would use the field name like below "Acme_TableRecId".
CMS-XML Creating a Mashup Tool To Handle Mashup Events From the Event Manager Queue Adapter (New Text)
Creating a Mashup Tool For Handling Mashup Events From the EMQA To declare the events that Serena Business Mashups can expect from the EMQA, you must create a mashup tool. The basic procedure for creating a mashup tool is described in the “Creating a Custom Mashup Tool” section of the “Raising External Events” chapter in the Due to the mashup-tool naming restriction, certain item names in the mashup tool WSDL must be prefixed with the value of ProductType The example mashup tool provided in the Advanced Orchestration Package extends this restriction as a naming convention for the derived schema types.
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