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CMS-XML About the Application Repository component and database (How to manually remove the Application Repository component)
Grab the component with your mouse and drag / drop it to the bottom of the screen. In the Host field, enter the name of the server where the AR component is still installed.
PDF Introduction to Serena Collage
3 Click on the asset or folder that you want to move. 4 Drag it and drop it onto the new location. TIP You can also copy an asset to a new location by holding down the CTRL key as you drag and drop it.
PDF Serena Collage Project Manager's Guide
Chapter 10 Deploying Assets to a Web Server 4 Drag it and drop it onto the new location. TIP You can also copy an asset to a new location by holding down the CTRL key as you drag and drop it.
CMS-XML How to rebuild the Application Repository database
On the production server, open Configuration, and switch to the Component Servers view. On the tree view on the left, click on "Application Repository" and drag it below to the section that says " Drag and drop component here to create new component server". Update the host and JBoss/Tomcat information to point to the staging server.
CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.7.0
set environmental variable VCS_SOURCE_FILE, value is too long Build Mngmt- Drag and Drop of dependency from target on the right side panel fails Build Mngmt- "Make" Import Error - "Failed to parse make file at line 19#5" Build Mngmt- Changes in Existing PreCompile tab of Make does not save when clicking on other tab Build Mngmt- cmnmake redirecting output causes
CMS-XML SBM 11.2+: How to setup SBM to authenticate against more than on LDAP server (Compound Authenticator)
Drag and drop the newly added LDAP Authentication setup onto the Compound Authenticator. Repeat steps 4 and 5 as needed to add additional authenticators.
CMS-XML How to setup SBM to accept email submit of new items (SBM 10.1 and above)
Click the Mapping button at the top. Drag and drop fields from the "Mapping From" side to the "Mapping To" side. Note: The fields listed on the "Mapping to" side will change based on the project being used.
CMS-XML How to setup an integration between ChangeMan ZMF and SBM
Edit the orchestration as normal. On the right, you will see "ZMFPackageServices" as one of the web service options. Drag and drop it into the orchestration as needed, and configure the parameters in the Properties editor.
MS-WORD S141325-Upgrading to Release Control 6.0 WITH Using Old Data.docx
Right click on Rules in the All Items panel in Composer, and click Add New Rule. Drag and drop the State field into the rule, and select Failed and Success. Name the rule “Retry Rule”.
PDF TeamTrack Database Schema
First item in a selection list will have orderindex equal 0, the second item will have 1, etc. As of version 4.0, selection items can be sorted according to drag -n- drop placement within the Administrator tool. In previous versions, the items were sorted alphabetically.
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