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CMS-XML DimCM14.4: Error when adding or modifying an item library
When attempting to add a new Item Library through AdminConsole, an error of: User authentication failed DMN4510048E Error: User authentication failed ACL0004529E Error: dmsys denied access to host DIMSERVER Error: Dimension Product library for product CM_TYPICAL, object type *, creation failed Within the dmpool log, the following error is shown: NSV0004757E Invalid user name or password
CMS-XML Dim2009R2: Restricted mode does not require authentication
files in a remote area are owned by the user running the dmpool process (by default dmsys ), regardless of which user-id is set for the area or userid specified in Remote Node Authentication."
CMS-XML Dim12: How to install example or sample schema into an existing installation
cmd /e:on /c install_oracle.cmd system manager pcms_sys entry_level "c:\program files\serena\dimensions 12.1\cm" "c:\program files\serena\dimensions 12.1\cm\libs\demo\entry_level\" c:\temp\ dim12 entry2 dmsys dmsys "bob" "joe" "pete" "fred" "steve"
CMS-XML Dim2009R1: SQLServer: When running the mssql_pre_install.cmd command, SET is unexpected at this time occurs
mssql_pre_install NWB-VADYMK\DMSQL2K dim10 \ C:\MERANT\mssql\datafiles NWB-VADYMK\ DMSYS pcms_sys \ 30 15 Latin1_General_CI_AS us_english
CMS-XML DimCM: Item Library Access and Credential Sets
Example: CCS LIBACCESS /user= dmsys /pass=password /owner=ADMIN Update Credential Set:
CMS-XML DimCM: PostgreSQL: How to tell if extensions are installed
Password valid until infinity {pcms_sys_reader, pcms _sys_readerwriter} cm_typical_rept
PDF Dimensions Build User’s Guide
pcms scws PAYROLL:WS_MAKE /dir=\”`pwd`\” in Bourne shell or C shell. Dimensions Make will match the workset or worksets with a default directory that is the longest prefix of the starting directory.
PDF Common Problems Encountered when Installing DA Agent
> chown -R dmsys . dmsys /opt/tmp/agent-install

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