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CMS-XML KB-DIM12.2: What is the various Application Names (= the client program in use) that can be returned from getpoolstats
- EXPLORER - Visual Studio Client - Microsoft Visual C++
CMS-XML DIM2009R2: Web Client: Unix/Linux: Print Preview of requests in Web Client doesn't work
When connecting to Dimensions Tomcat Unix/Linux server from a browser on any platform the Print Icon on the preview tab does not work. The same webapps files on a Windows Tomcat server have the effect that the print server works.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: What does the arrows in the Desktop Client mean?
What does the arrows in the Desktop Client mean?
CMS-XML Performance may be bad when requiring client certificates in IIS
After enabling smartcards / client certificates for SBM and IIS, accessing IIS may become extremely slow . The user may notice that while the user is only prompt for a pin once, their smartcard flashes a lot while using SBM.
CMS-XML Dimensions: Windows 7 support
The following platforms are now supported: Windows 7 (64-bit, x86-64) ( Client only) Windows 7 (32-bit, x86)
CMS-XML MVR: Does Dimensions server need to be installed on the Mover server machine?
Before Mover 2..0.1, the Dimensions server was required to be installed on the same server as Mover. After Mover 2.0.1+, this is not required, you only need to install the Dimensions client on the Mover server. Since there isn't currently a version of Mover for AIX and Dimensions will run on AIX you would have to install Mover on a supported platform along with the corresponding Dimensions client.
CMS-XML DMCM: Support for IBM RDz in Dimensions 12.2
There is no direct integration with z/OS projects and mainframe resident data, but RDz itself does include an ISPF client view. In all other aspects, the RDz integration works in the same way as using Eclipse.
CMS-XML Dim: Using Eclipse IDE with Dimensions integration, how to "Get Content" of a previous revision in my stream
It is also possible to use a different GUI, such as the desktop client to "Get Copy" of the previous revision to the Eclipse work area. Note: Until Dimensions CM version 12.2.1, the Eclipse IDE utilized a different metadata format than the desktop client , therefore we do not recommend using different clients on the same work area unless you are using Dimensions CM version 12.2.1 or higher.
PDF Dimensions Build User’s Guide
 A ‘make client ’ executable, which performs the make processing. There are two ‘make clients’: pcmsmake (UNIX and Windows) and pnmake (Windows only). Pnmake provides NMAKE compatibility.
CMS-XML Dim2009R2: Adding Web Project to Source Control in Visual Studio
What needs to be done is each client developer should have their own solution stored on there client machine and should access it as necessary. The client solution is created by the developer as a blank solution and web projects are populated from Dimensions . They can validate the projects in the solution by looking at the 'show repository bindings'.
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