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CMS-XML DimCM: SSO: How to change Dimensions CM to use a different SSO server
To change Dimensions CM to use a different SSO server : (for Dimensions 14.3.x and older ) Stop the service called Serena Common Tomcat on the Dimensions CM server. Stop the service called Serena Dimensions Listener on the Dimensions CM server.
CMS-XML DM: How to change the password for the database user when using SQL Server with Dimensions
dmpasswd cm_typical@dsn -mod After this, you are prompted for the old password and then the new password twice. Repeat the above for any other base database.
CMS-XML Notifcation server sends old messages even with current start date
Notifcation server sends old messages even with current start date
CMS-XML Failures communicating with ZMF 8.1.2 Servers using older ZMF4ECL clients
“You must upgrade your ZMF for Eclipse client to version 8.1.2 before you can use it with a ChangeMan ZMF 8.1.2 or Sernet Server 8.1.2 started task .”
CMS-XML SBM 11.2+: How to setup SBM to authenticate against more than on LDAP server (Compound Authenticator)
In SBM 11.2, this feature was moved to the SBM Configurator. For older versions, follow the steps in KB S139949 .
CMS-XML Process the 10.x notification server uses to configure the database from a previous version of SBM/TT
CMS-XML How-To Setup SBM on a TLS hardened server / Disable SSL
Secure SSL and TLS in SBM version 10.1.3 through 10.1.5.x. For these older versions of SBM, some features of SBM may not function. For example, the PDF widget will not be able to make a TLSv1.1+ connection to an IIS server running with TLSv1.0 disabled; thus the PDF widget will not function.
CMS-XML High CPU on Common Services Tomcat server and Work Center search not finding new items - reindex of table automatically happening
: Until the reindex is completed the Work Center filters will not show any newly added selections and will continue to show any deleted selection or old names if renamed. Unchanged selection fields will continue to work correctly.
CMS-XML How to ignore erroneous SSL with LDAP errors when certificate appears correct. (Certificate common name does not match the host )
This came from dev. To avoid the situation when old certificates might not be accepted after WinLDAP adoption by SBM, the mechanism to ignore specific certificate validation errors is provided. Comma-separated list of errors-to-ignore should be put into registry string value HKLM\SOFTWARE\TeamShare\TeamTrack\IgnoreLDAPCertificateErrors
CMS-XML SBM: why does SBM make so many connections to the database server?
However, it appears that the Tomcat component fails to release idle or sleeping connections to the database. We can force Java to disconnect older idle connections once it has been idle for too long. You can find each of the jdbc connections in this file: [SBM]\Common\tomcat\ server \default\conf\context.xml.
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