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PDF TeamTrack Database Schema
OracleVARCHAR4000 Only applicable to Oracle DBs. Memo fields can be set to 4000 characters, within Oracle limitations. This can only be set through a Database Copy Wizard .
CMS-XML TeamTrack 6.6.1 - Documentation Release Notes
2. A note at the beginning of the Deployment Tool documentation in the Administrator's Guide does not clearly state that a third-party DBMS tool must be used to create an initial backup of your production database. You can then use a third-party tool or the TeamTrack Copy Database Wizard to copy the production database to a test database . This information is clearly stated in the "Overview of Steps" for the Deployment Tool, however.
CMS-XML Administrator Release Notes - TeamTrack 6.3
25. The menu options in the TeamTrack Administrator have been re-organized. The File menu now contains the Connect, Administrative Locks, Record Locks, Get Files From Database, Put Files in Database, and Exit options. The new Tools menu contains the Create New Database , Run Solution Wizard , Copy Database , Archive, Export, Import From XML, and Import From Database options.
PDF SBM Application Administrator Features
▪ Import Data Wizard (ODBC version) Copy Database Wizard ▪ Export and Import of XML strings
CMS-XML Configuration Files, Web Interface Templates, JavaScript Files, and String Changes That Have Changed in 2009 R4
<string xml:space="preserve" version="904000301" resname="IDS_WIZARD_ARCHIVE">SBM Archive Wizard</string> <string xml:space="preserve" version="904000301" resname="IDS_ WIZARD _ COPY ">SBM Copy Database Wizard </string> <string xml:space="preserve" version="904000301" resname="IDS_WIZARD_CREATE">SBM Create Database Wizard</string>
PDF Configuration Files, Web Interface Templates, JavaScript Files, and String Changes That Have Changed in 2009 R3
<string xml:space="preserve" version="903000504" resname="IDS_ WIZARD _ COPY _TEXT">This component allows you to make a copy of the database to which the {0} is currently connected. This is useful for switching to another database management system.</string>
PDF Full-Text Indexing for Social Experts in Serena Business Manager
A problem occurs in SQL Server if you deploy, undeploy, then redeploy a process app with the Social Experts enabled. ... 1. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, and right-click on the database . ... 4. Rebuild indexes of all full-text catalogs in your database : a) In SQL Server Management Studio, go to current database -> Storage -> Full Text Catalogs. ... c) Repeat for all other full-text catalogs. ... To restore the deleted indexes, deploy your process apps with Social Experts again.
CMS-XML PRO8 TRKINET Database information is not complete. Error: SQL state = 08003 (Microsoft) ODBC driver manager Connection Not Open
Most likely they have defined the database location incorrectly. You can get the DBMS Location from Tracker administrator server definition wizard . Cut and past it into the web configurator exactly as it is shown.
CMS-XML Import Data Wizard Release Notes - TeamTrack 6.3
3. There are now three separate source options for importing data into TeamTrack. You can choose to import data from a generic database that supports ODBC, another TeamTrack database , or a Serena Tracker database .
CMS-XML More Actions button shows duplicate entries for "Printable View", "Click to Send Email" and "Copy URL to Clipboard"
Replace the wizard .js file attached below with the one in the following directory on the SBM server.
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