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CMS-XML How to copy the values of a multi select field from one item to another item via an orchestration workflow with web services.
In our example the "GetItem" method is used with a hard coded SBM id. This is the item whose multiselect field we will copy values from.
CMS-XML How to update a date attribute using script (dijit)
In this example, we will copy the value of the create date into the "My Date" field . Then, it sets the My Date field to be "dirty". This will force the system to ask you to save, if you leave the form without saving.
CMS-XML Is there a way to remove the rich text tags after changing an attribute to be plain text with multiple lines?
Manually update the data and strip out the HTML rich text tags. Option 2: Manual copy /paste Change the attribute in the View Designer to be not-Rich Text with Multiple Lines.
CMS-XML Post/Subtask transition does not copy mapped values to the new item
As an example, ApplicationA has a subtask transition that posts into ApplicationB. On the transition's Properties screen, on the Post Options tab, you can map fields between the two applications. When the user actions this transition, the system should copy the data values as mapped. In
CMS-XML RM can create Duplicate PUIDs in ERROR if Class Definition is used while the system is in use (RM 2009 R2)
In class definition for a specific class if the PUID attribute definition dialog must be opened, ensure all USERs are logged OFF Dim RM.
CMS-XML RLC: Passing custom SBM fields to Release Control tasks fields
Make a copy of the file in the same folder, and give it a unique name, for example, name it setCustomParameters_MyCompany.groovy IMPORTANT
CMS-XML How to import from a excel spreadsheet multiple values into multi-selection field - e.g. ERROR: ** No data was imported from source record 'BUG000012' because data mapped to field 'Unnamed' is not a valid selection: '456, 123'
2. Under Duplicates setting at the Import data screen, select appropriate field for the "Spreadsheet for duplicate detection" 3. Tick "Replace mapped attribute " under #2's Duplicates setting.
CMS-XML SSM: Approving a Change Proposal gives error: 'Impact Analysis Report Data' Field in PROP_XXXX was XXXX characters too long.
Restart the services. If you are running more than one SBM Application Engine server, repeat these steps for each server. NOTE: Starting with SBM 11.5, the upper limit for memo fields was increased to 8388607 bytes
CMS-XML How to avoid submitting duplicate auxiliary items in SBM 11.1+
MakeFieldInvalid(theField, "The value in the " + theField + " field already exists in the system. Value must be unique");
PDF RLM HTTP Server Overview:
If the Tomcat configuration has the autoDeploy attribute set to ā€˜Yā€™, simply copy the supplied war files to the Tomcat webapps folder. Tomcat will automatically unpack and deploy the war files. If autoDeploy is set to ā€˜Nā€™, the Tomcat Manager application may be used to deploy the applications individually.
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