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CMS-XML How to enable Wireshark to capture local communication when multiple components reside on the same server.
Setup windows networking to allow localhost capturing in wireshark: Open powershell on the server where wireshark is installed. Paste the following into an elevated powershell window
CMS-XML About the Application Repository component and database (How to manually remove the Application Repository component)
This document describes best practice for setting up the Application Repository (AR) server components .
CMS-XML Reconfiguring settings for active-active component version auto import and JMS message queues
To reconfigure the settings: 1. Stop the Serena Common Tomcat that is hosting your Deployment Automation server .
CMS-XML DIM2009R2: Configuration Tip: dmmake performs best when local to the Dimensions CM server
The Dimensions CM releases leading up to Dimensions CM 2009R2 have seen many changes that improve performance over a Wide Area Network (WAN). However, the Dimensions make slave and the ADG (both components of Dimensions make), require a great deal of communication with the Dimensions server in order to determine if each file involved in the build is up-to-date. Therefore, the latency of a WAN can inflict substantial performance penalties during building.
CMS-XML Troubleshooting communication among SBM Components using Wireshark
Wireshark captures all data that is sent over a network interface. By default Wireshark is not capable of capturing communications between components that are installed on the same Windows Server because those communications are not sent over a network interface. See this kb S140638 for a solution to this problem.
CMS-XML Get "Access is Denied" error running any Quality Center Connector web service on 64 bit server.
Open the Component Services Administration tool. You may be able to start this by running DCOMCNFG (run DCOMCNFG) from the Run window or a command prompt. If this does not succeed, open the Control Panel and then select Administrative Tools (on Windows 7).
CMS-XML Password encryption used in the Release Manager components
Another consideration: the Serena Release Manager solution can be configured to utilize Active Directory/LDAP. The password storage encryption algorithm used would depend on the AD/LDAP server configuration.
CMS-XML Invalid SER0320I (No such file or directory exists) editing hfs component from remote LPAR
When we attempted to edit a component from a Server task running on LPARB on LPARA we also received the SER0320I message. This is because the component is copied from the physical staging file location into the temp library location for editing. As /tmp resolves to different physical locations on the different LPARs the SER0320I message is correctly issued.
CMS-XML How to rename or move a server hosting SBM
Launch the SBM Configurator On the Component Servers screen, Update the Host Name. If the SQL Server or Oracle is also on this server, on the Database Servers screen, update the Database Host Name.
CMS-XML E-mail submit fails with error: "Date has an invalid value" found in Notification Server log
The resolution is found in the Web services guide beginning with version 10.1.2 The Web Services Developer's Guide Under Supported Date/Time Formats States: SBM uses the ICU (International Components for Unicode) library (Version 3.6) for dateTime Support.
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