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CMS-XML HISTORY new COBOL parameters ALLOPTS and VERBS and new messages PDS256I and PDS257I
HISTORY new COBOL parameters ALLOPTS and VERBS and new messages PDS256I and PDS257I
MS-WORD ENH273983 how to optimize Cobol XML.docx
SERXMLCC is a general purpose program designed to send and receive XML requests and parse the results into a finite COBOL data structure. Each XML service is shipped as a COBOL copybook. Note that the copybooks, as shipped, define all service combinations and all possible input and output XML.
CMS-XML Maximising performance and capacity of SERXMLCC-based XML Service requests
The ChangeMan ZMF 8.1.3 release includes an enhancement request (ENH273983) which provides an alternative, file-based mechanism that can be used when processing XML Service results requested/returned via the COBOL , SERXMLCC interface (DD statement CCXMLOUT). Attached to this KB article is a document containing information and samples related to this alternative mechanism along with other recommendations for ensuring the optimum performance of SERXMLCC-based processing.
CMS-XML Default value for MLC changed in Comparex 8.7.0
In comparex 8.7.0, the default value for MLC=10 when the documentation states the default is MLC=5. CPX00I - TEXT= COBOL CPX03I - EXECUTION OF DDELXXX.CPX870 - VALUES EXTRACTED/DEFAULTED:
CMS-XML DMCM: Support for IBM RDz in Dimensions 12.2
Dimensions CM supports RDz as if it was Eclipse, and currently only allows control of local projects on the workstation, i.e. only files local to the workstation can be placed under Dimensions CM control. To handle this upload rules for Cobol and PL/1 are in the Dimensions CM process model.
CMS-XML DIMCM12.1: z/OS: Link List Libraries
There is an intermittent problem with conflicts between the link list libraries and a tasklib (STEPLIB) in the sBem. This manifests itself as the sBem loading the wrong module in the attached sub-task. For example, if is in the link list and is on the TASKLIB for the compile step, then the wrong version of IGYCRCTL gets loaded, and then the COBOL compiler fails (because a subsequent sub-module of the COBOL compiler is not in synch with the main line).
CMS-XML Sample COPYBOOK and data for COPYBOOK and COPYLIB Parser
--------------- from documentation ---------------------------------- A simple COBOL copybook is delivered in somnode.COMPAREX.IFACE( COBOL ); the associated data is in somnode.COMPAREX.IFACE(COBOLD1) and
CMS-XML Setting ZMF user panel names in panel logic (e.g. CMNUSR01)
The only way of consistently overriding the user panel name is now via use of High Level Language Exit (HLLX) BULD00US. In there, the rexx userPanel variable or the COBOL BULDUPAN field can be set according to the required logic and this will be consistently used to display the appropriate user options panel.
CMS-XML new functionality 'L-'Load a source listing to DA' in DA 5.7.0
6 Program Storage 7 Pgm Listing ( COBOL Only) 8 Data Mgmt Control Blocks
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 1
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