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CMS-XML How to output logs of login access attempts
Authentication events can be selected from the Active Diagnosticis (AD) DB by either context or system type ( i.e. {Ctx:/auth/i} or {SysType:/auth/i}}. Successful logins can be seen at “INFO”, “DEBUG”, and “TRACE” levels while failed ones can be seen at “ERROR” level. By default, AD records at info level which will included failed and successful authentications.
CMS-XML Don't see SBM login form or get prompted with a windows security login prompt. Access to SBM denied
Try resetting the authentication . For example, open Configurator and change from SSO authentication to use Cookies, click Apply, change it back to SSO, and Apply.
CMS-XML Enable third party authentication with SSO
Therefore, it is important to protect users from getting to the SBM Federation server url. The path to the /idp/ login in SBM 10.1.2+ should be only accessible through the authentication server.
MS-WORD Hybrid SSO.docx
The HybridSSO integration kit consists of a J2EE based login server which is deployed in the customer intranet. Once integrated with the enterprise authentication framework, this login server provides seamless access to Serena OnDemand services eliminating the need for password management. Preconfigured OnDemand users who are authenticated for the enterprise, automatically are granted Serena OnDemand login session without being prompted for a password.
CMS-XML Unable to load initial data for Work Center
If you are using Windows Authentication for database access , you might need to configure SBM Tomcat service with the logon account instead of using Local System. The upgrade changed Tomcat service to use Local System by default. Open windows services, right click on SBM Tomcat for properties, navigate to Logon tab to supply logon credentials.
CMS-XML Does SBM work with Single Sign On SSO
The Serena Single Sign-On engine will integrate with other SSO products such as Oracle SSO, IBM Tivoili, Microsoft Federation Services and CA Siteminder. The idea here is to protect Serena's Single Sign On logon page with a web filter agent from one of these other products to intercept the user's access and authenticate that access . Once authenticate the user is passed to Serena's SSO where the user is authorized to use the Serena product.
CMS-XML How to setup Dimensions CM, RM and other Serena products to utilize the SBM SSO using LDAP authentication model
... enabled product to login using SBM SSO ... ... SBM SSO can authenticate users via LDAP ... ... the user is authenticated via LDAP, ... ... the client requesting authentication , the user will be logged in , otherwise a login failure will occur ... ... Engine where my login can be authenticated via LDAP. ... ) with an authenticated token where my ... not exist, login will not be ... ... to use LDAP Authentication , users will be authenticated with LDAP before ... token allowing them access to the desired ... ... . SSO will authenticate to LDAP instead of SBM ... to be setup in SBM to access SBM.
CMS-XML Get "SSO Access Denied" error running SBM to PPM integration with SSO enabled.
Click the "Enable Serena Business Mashups Security Authentication " check box ... The username specified on this screen is only used to login to the SSO server but the actions performed by the web services will still be performed by the username specified in the Orchestration Workflow steps.
CMS-XML External access url stuck on Loading screen after upgrade to How to setup anonymous submit or External user Access in
In order to setup a new virtual directory for use with SBM besides the two defaults ( tmtrack, workcenter ) for user access in use the following steps. This article also pertains to setting up anonymous submit using the "External Access " option on the "Other Settings" screen in the Authentication area in configurator. ... Verify that your able to login using your new virtual directory name or use the anonymous submit feature.
CMS-XML DimCM: Item Library Access and Credential Sets
... only item library access ... _LIBRARY_ ACCESS y ... library, then access to files in ... credential details for authentication . ... wide item library access policy via a ... ... in order to access files. ... a logout/ login of the various ... ... COR4502354E Access to item library ... secured item library access policy in the ... ... COR4502363E Access to item library ... ... and/or Admin Console as indicated above in Step 4. The changes will take effect immediately but a logout/ login of the various clients will be needed to 'read' the changes.
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