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CMS-XML Version Manager SourceBridge - Issue with "Include Change User Info" setting
Version Manager SourceBridge - Issue with "Include Change User Info" setting
CMS-XML Is Version Manager affected by CVE-2019-0232: Apache Tomcat Remote Code Execution on Windows?
No. This vulnerability requires enableCmdLineArguments to be set in the Tomcat configuration to enable the vulnerable CGI Servlet. Version Manager does not use this servlet and does not have it enabled in Tomcat.
MS-WORD Opened Version Manager
With testpdb selected, clicked on Admin | SouceBridge Settings… Selected ‘ VM web client and rich IDE integration users’, left the balance of options in the default setting , click ‘OK’ When you select “VM web client and rich IDE integration users” in the SourceBridge Settings dialog, then for VM Desktop GUI and SCC all the settings will be taken from the Tools � SourceBridge Settings dialog.
CMS-XML See repeated errors in sso-idp.log about the following "Trusted certificate expired and will be discarded: CN=Serena Version Manager Server..."
Locate the following code < Setting Name="VMServerCertificate" Type="htf:certificate"> <Setting Name="KeyStoreName" Type="xsd:string">truststore</Setting>
CMS-XML PVCS Version Manager: Where is the ISLV.INI / .islvrc file located and can the location of that file be changed?
Create an environment variable with the name ISLVINI and set the value to the directory where the islv.ini or .islvrc file to use resides but do not include the filename itself. For details on how to create an environment variable, consult the help information from your Operating System.
PDF Serena Builder for Professional User’s Guide
This section discusses procedural information for Serena® Builder™ for Professional™. Using the Standalone Web Client 88 Setting the Build Directory 89 Setting Up a Build 90 Using the Version Manager Integration (Desktop Client) 98 Incorporating an Ant Task into Serena Builder 107 Using Remote Build Machines 109 Viewing Reports 110 Viewing Footprint Information 113 The Serena Builder for Professional Web Client 113 Customizing Build Jobs 114 Serena Builder and Cross-Platform Development 115 Building from Different Source Revisions 115 Building From Reference Directories 116 Using Serena Builder with PCLI 117 User's Guide 87
CMS-XML Readme for PVCS Tracker 7.1.00 Service Pack 3
1.2 Tracker Transition Fields Transition fields will force users to cycle through choices in a particular order. For each transition field value, you can specify which choices to set "next" to restrict field choices based on the current field value. Refer to the online help in Tracker Administrator and the PVCS Tracker Administrator's Guide for more information on implementing transition fields.
HTML Serena Builder Readme
3.5 In VM Integration: Set JAVA_HOME at Start of Build Job
CMS-XML Subversion: How to install the Tortoise SVN Plugin on a 64 bit Operating System.
After running the registry entry open the Tortoise settings again and verify that you can set the "Issue Tracker Integration" Provider.
CMS-XML Import Data Wizard Release Notes - TeamTrack 6.3
13. When importing data from a Tracker or TeamTrack database, you can now import items into multiple projects with a single import. 14. When importing from a Tracker or TeamTrack database, you can now map values for User, Multi-User, Single Selection, and Multi-Selection fields. 15. When importing data from a Tracker or TeamTrack database, you can now specify "user maps" that applies to the import option set .
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