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CMS-XML SLM 2.2.0: Windows could not start the Serena License Server service on Local Computer
An error occurred while attempting to restart the License Server If you then try to restart the license server from windows Services, you get error: Windows could not start the Serena License Server service on Local Computer.
CMS-XML Various errors when Tomcat is started while the SBM database is not accessible.
The following errors may occur if SBM is started while the SBM database is not accessible. If you start SBM while the SBM database is not running or is not accessible but later make it accessible the normal user interface will be fine because IIS is able to recover gracefully. Tomcat on the other hand isn't able to recover from this and you will consequently see the following issues until the Tomcat service is restarted while the database is available.
CMS-XML "Connecting to backend failed. Tomcat is probably not started or is listening on the wrong port " error in isapi_redirect.log file
[error] ajp_ service:: jk_ajp_common.c (2643): (worker1) connecting to tomcat failed. [error] HttpExtensionProc::jk_isapi_plugin.c (2328): service() failed with http error 503
CMS-XML Upgrade from 6.0: When start manual task, get error "A Schema Parser Exception occurred while parsing the response at line 1:3167"
Error occurred during web service invocation: A Schema Parser exception occurred while parsing the response at line 1:3167 Schema Parser Exception : Could not find element actionDisplay in task
CMS-XML Get "While starting COMMON SCHEDULER engine" and/or "Failed to load plugins" error in ns.log when starting notification server
at com.serena.sbm.persistence.PluginDAOImpl.getListOfUndeployedPlugins( at com.serena.sbm.ns. service.PluginServiceImpl .init( at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
CMS-XML 2009Rx / 12.x : is it possible to stop/restart LDAP server without requiring to stop Dimensions listener first ?
it is not required to stop Dimensions listener first , simply during this time it won't be able to service any new connections
CMS-XML Company policy does not allow us to run Report Server with Anonymous Access turned on
If you turned off anonymous access, the report server would use the client's credentials (Windows domain authentication) to communicate. Now, when a user runs a report, the request is proxied by Mariner. This means that the Report Server request is coming from the Mariner application pool, which by default uses the NETWORK SERVICE account on the Mariner application server.
CMS-XML #SERx member does not update application SYS LPAR details at Server task startup
SYS2 X SYS 09979 SYS2 Having incorrect SYS LPAR details appears to cause problems with cross-LPAR access to XMLSERV (e.g. no services to be listed
CMS-XML How to turn on Debug Logging for Orchestration Workflows in Composer and Export results.
Right click on any of the items and click "Show Message" should show what the web service or step did.
CMS-XML RLC: Troubleshooting the RLC to ZMF integration (Turning on ZMF trace logging)
NTFYURL='ZMF_CONNECTOR_SERVERNAME:8080/almzmfalf/ services/ZMFALFEventRouter ' To verify that ZMF can connect to the ZMF Connector server, on the mainframe side, run the command: tso Ping ZMF_CONNECTOR_SERVERNAME
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