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CMS-XML 'Generate All' button the Configurator > Advanced Settings > Security > Secure SBM tab is grayed out
'Generate All' button the Configurator > Advanced Settings > Security > Secure SBM tab is grayed out
CMS-XML Configurator gives error "Unable to configure gatekeeper-core-config.xml. This may affect normal functioning of Single Sign-On features." and can't set overrides in Secure SSO section.
This error was caused by a change that was made to the following file outside of configurator. C:\Program Files\Serena\ SBM \Common\Tomcat 7.0\server\default\webapps\idp\WEB-INF\conf\Configuration.xml In this case there was a section remarked out by the customer and was causing configurator to not be able to update the override section which in turned caused the gatekeeper-core-config.xml file to not get the override set.
CMS-XML SBM Port Usage List
IIS HTTPS Used for secure access to Application Engine and Web services Serena License Manager Ports
CMS-XML How-To Setup SBM on a TLS hardened server / Disable SSL
All versions of SBM 10.1.3 and later disable SSL v1.0 - SSL v3.0 by default. This is located in the SBM Configurator > Security > Secure SBM . For all earlier versions of SBM , an SBM upgrade is required.
CMS-XML Adding a Logon Consent Banner to SBM 11.7.1+
<c:set var="autoLoginWarningText" value="Warning!!! Accessing a Secure System" /> Set the value to true and modify the login warning text as desired.
CMS-XML Sample SBM process applications (previously from AppCentral)
Employee Orchestrate the activities of bringing a new hire on board, such as procuring a computer, updating human resources systems, readying office space, and securing access. HR Employee Processing
CMS-XML Trying to test connection in Composer and get Connection attempt failed when "Use Secure Connection" is selected.
at Serena.Studio.Framework.Repository.AppRepositoryServiceRepository.TestConnection(String serviceURL, String authUser, String authPassword, Boolean useInternalSTSURL) at Serena.Studio.Framework.Repository.AppRepositoryServiceOptionsPanel2.btnTest_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) For more information about using the JBOSS certificate supplied in versions of SBM 10.1.2+ see this doc. S138483
CMS-XML How to setup SBM to run using SSL (switching from http to https - SBM 10.x)
On the Repository view, in the section called Repository Connection Settings, update the Port number to be 8243. Check the box for "Use Secure Connection". Click OK to save the changes.
CMS-XML Readme for SBM 10.1 as of 9th February 2012
Additionally, all internal endpoints are now secured by a security token by default. This differs from previous releases in which you had to select SSO as the endpoint authentication method in SBM Composer and Application Repository. You can override the security token authentication if necessary; however, SBM automatically detects all internal service communication and assigns Security Token authentication for you by default.
CMS-XML Readme for SBM as of 12th April 2012
• If you create a JBoss cluster that includes SSO and you regenerate new keypairs to secure your installation (as recommended in the SBM Installation and Configuration Guide), you must perform the steps listed in S138722 to ensure that the certificates and keys are mirrored on each node in the cluster. Orchestration Issues
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