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CMS-XML After upgrading to PPM 2009 R1, task plan takes a long time to load and asks if I want to save changes, even if no changes were made
After upgrading to PPM 2009 R1, the first time a user with permission to lock/unlock a task plan clicks on a task plan, the task plan goes through a one time migration process behind the scenes. The migration process includes checking the plan out to that user and migrating the task plan to the new task plan style. The more timesheets are associated to the task plan, the longer the one time migration process takes.
CMS-XML DA: How to run DA Component Process on only one resource/agent at a time
Because the resource lock can only be held by one running process at a time , if more than one try to request the lock, the first will get the lock and others will wait. One at a time, each will be granted the resource lock.
CMS-XML Get "A privilege required to process the last request was not held by the user." calling update web service calls.
The web service calls that update items take a parameter called "transitionName" that like it's name sounds wants a transition name. If a transition name isn't specified the default "Update" transition is used. You will get this error if the default Update transition is disabled for the state this item is in and there are no other Update transitions in this state.
CMS-XML If a Deployment Automation agent has an expired license, any process requests run against it have Success status
If a Deployment Automation agent has an expired license, any process requests run against it have Success status
CMS-XML DA: Request to run a Global Process using curl
OPTIONAL: If your Global Process requires properties, these are passed by changing the payload Change FROM: -d '{processId: "<process-ID>",properties: "Object",resource: "<agent-name>"}' Change TO: -d '{processId: "<process-ID>",properties: {<prop-name>:”<prop-value>”},resource: "<agent-name>"}'
CMS-XML Housekeeping job uses a large amount of CPU and runs for excessive amount of time
Since the introduction of changes to the format of component history records in CMN ZMF V6.1 customers have reported excessive housekeeping job (i.e. CMN920 report/CMNBATCH step) runtimes and a significant increase in the associated CPU usage. The problem has been diagnosed as related to the aging of component history records and a change in the design of this processing is required to resolve the matter.
CMS-XML Configuring the Execution History Cleanup sweep for hung cleanup requests
During Execution History Cleanup, it's possible for cleanup requests to hang and cause delays in the process . Therefore, by default, the server is configured to run a sweep job at defined intervals to cancel or kill cleanup requests that have been determined to have hung.
CMS-XML ZMF 8.2+ Changes to Location of Internal HLLX Processing Error and Trace Messages
Please note, the changes documented here affect the location of messages related to internal HLLX errors and tracing ONLY.
CMS-XML Dim12: dmdeploysrv process exists but deployment not working
The dmdeploysrv process exists and seems to be running though it is not completing any work. If files, baselines or requests are deployed they are visible in the deployment panel but the job never executes and the deployment does not complete.
CMS-XML Error: "We're sorry, you cannot submit a new xxxxxxx Request from this popup window. Please use the Submit button on the application bar."
An error occurred while processing the last request . The error was: We're sorry, you cannot submit a new Change Request from this popup window.
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