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CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Reported Defect DEF08149: schema-only install on Solaris 64 is failing
When user tries to run a schema-only install on UNIX, using -console switch, the script will not get past the point where it prompts for SYSTEM and PCMS_SYS passwords.
CMS-XML How to setup Dimensions CM, RM and other Serena products to utilize the SBM SSO using LDAP authentication model
Once the user is authenticated via LDAP, a SAML token will be issued to the client for the user. If the user exists in the client requesting authentication, the user will be logged in , otherwise a login failure will occur. For example, if I go to the Dimensions CM website, I will be redirected to the SBM SSO Engine where my login can be authenticated via LDAP.
CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.7.0
POA- Package will not move automatically to INS state POA- Packages fail to install with large number of files POA- For "ChangeMan ECP User Restricted Login ", package remains in APR state POA- Installation scripts cannot be edited POA- Pre/Post Implemenation Scripts Randomly Do Not Execute POA- Web client freezes when creating Applications \ Packages POA- Package stuck in APR state after all approvals
CMS-XML Repository / Mashup Manager won't load and you see this error in the mashupmgr.log file "Failed to load user infomation from AE"
I had two environments setup pointing to the same App Repository database. ... After I restarted JBoss /Tomcat on both environments I was able to login to the repository again.
CMS-XML DimCM: PostgreSQL: How to tell if extensions are installed
From a command prompt of where PostgreSQL is installed , ... This will log you into the dim14 database as the postgres user . 2. Run the \dx command to show the List of installed extensions: ... List of installed extensions ... 3. Run the \du command to show the List of Users and the Roles. ... pcms_sys ... Cannot login ... Cannot login ... List of installed extensions
CMS-XML Get "An error happened during the import to Application Engine: AEWebservicesFaultFault" in deploy log in Composer or Application Repository.
... ApplicationEngineDeployer -- Failed to import to ... ... in the SBM installation directory. ... groups should be configured for full control ... if the SBM installation ran as it ... ... traffic during a failed deploy search for ... ... and consult the installation guide for details ... ... in the Application Log in the Event Viewer ... ... and the deploy failed . Users were still able to login to the SBM UI fine but any deploy or other use of the web services via the gsoap virtual directory resulted in the following error in the event viewer. ... Error: No license for Regular User . ... Authentication failure .
CMS-XML RM 2009 R2 SyncEngine to QC 10 – log entry QC Error : IDispatch error #490Failed to Run Query
Before you can run the Sync Engine with Quality Center, you must set up a database ... To set up this schema: ... (Oracle) \< Install location ... (SQL Server) \< Install location ... For SQL Server, set the correct SQL Server installation location. ...  On Oracle, log in to the Oracle database as the DB administrator, then run the file.
CMS-XML How to setup RLM (Release Automation, SDA, SRA) to use SSO with SBM
You must have the Serena Release Automation server installed on the same machine as ... <parameter name="FederationServerURL" Type="xsd:anyURI">http://sbm-server:sbm-port/idp/ login </parameter> ... You should be able to login using your SBM username and password. ... If you login and get the following error, follow the steps in KB S140637 . ... Validation of WS-Federation token failed with code 40:Token issuer not allowed.
CMS-XML Get. "Could not load file or assembly 'Serena.SaaSUserDirectory.Mariner" error on login screen after installing patch.
... doing a successful install of Mariner but ... running through the install again and choosing ... Server part and installing it again in ... It looks like the uninstall part for the Report Server only removes pieces of the Mariner install and breaks it. In order to fix this problem run through the Mariner install and choose to Remove Mariner. After the uninstall is done go through the Install process again but choose the Custom install option and make sure the Mariner and Report Server options are selected. After the install finishes check to make sure you can login and run reports.
CMS-XML MCLG: Edit MIME type gives error " Failed modifying MIME-type. Unknown error occured"
Go to the Project | Asset Type Setup screen ... Login to the project again. Go to the Project | Asset Type Setup screen and click on the Mime Types button
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