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CMS-XML RM 2009 R2 SyncEngine to QC 10 – log entry QC Error : IDispatch error #490Failed to Run Query
2 ... To do this, update the following path : ... each instance of the following path : C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL
CMS-XML Get$findCCUsers in ns.log when user has bogus entry in CC list in user profile and nobody gets the notification sent to them, not even the primary recipient
For MSSql users there are two sql scripts attached below that can be run that will help identify any users in the system with a bogus username in the CC List for their account. The difference between the two scripts is that one looks for a comma seperator and the other looks for a semicolon seperator in the cc list. Take the results from each query to find the real bogus entries.
CMS-XML Composer switches to Offline after you open any application. Get "Failed to query environmnets" error in the Composer Log
This is caused by having more than one environment defined in the Application Repository with the same name. In the example above there were two environments created with the name "Default Environment"
A customer recently reported the following RC=8 failure that they encountered whilst executing the Db2 stored procedure utility program, CMNDB 2 DD: CMNDD004E Bad SQL code returned from processing this sentence. SQLCA messages follow:
CMS-XML Use of CMNDB2DD LINEFEED parameter in relation to debugging DB2 native SQL stored procedures
However, when doing this they discovered that they were unable to set any breakpoints in the stored procedures. Double-clicking in the margin failed to have any effect or the entire stored procedure was displayed as a single, continuous string of statements.
CMS-XML Agile Integration to SBM troubleshooting and research findings.
26 Aug 2011 08:14:31,904 [MashupEvents] (null) ERROR 14 - FAILED : Sending Mashup Event to http://localhost/eventmanager/services/ALFEventManager for transaction fc0daede-3a 2 d-42a8-a36c-a640c44897a3 in instance Agile. Exception: Unable to connect to the remote server
PDF Serena Builder for Professional User’s Guide
2 Select a search path name from the list. These search paths are already set up for you by the Administrator. They point to specific directories, which may represent different operating systems or different release versions.
PDF Dimensions Build User’s Guide
... GNU Make 50 behavior under Windows differs under UNIX 49 building double colon targets 43 configuration search path (CSP) 18, 20 pathname restrictions 21 starting directory 22 syntax 27 use of --configuration- path 23 use of current workset 21 use of pcmsfile 24 containers 43 container directive in pcmsfile 41 object library notation 41 object library notation (example) 42 controlled 17 dependency 17 diagnostic output 19 findstring function 63 global workset: not available as a CSP 21 handling of database connection failure 20 improving efficiency 47 integration with Dimensions Version 20 ...
CMS-XML How to make PPM connect to SQL via a trusted connection or NT account instead of SQL account.
... Admin tool makes two connections to the ... ... as the NT user running the PPM ... the Logged in user . ... make sure the user you're logged into ... Open the PPM Administration tool and Click New ( If you're running Windows 2008 right click on the PPM Administration icon and choose to "Run as Administrator" or you might get an error saying "Logon Failed : Unable to connect to database" when you finish.)
CMS-XML When clicking on your Profile within SBM you get error "The SBM User WorkSpace cannot be embedded in another frame" or you can't get into your profile at all and the screen blinks.
Open the "SBM Application Administrator" Open the details for the user in question Cut the contents of the "E-mail Notification CC" field so the field is empty and save the changes.
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